Following "Love Full Courtyard" and "Under the Gate of Zhengyang", another Beijing-style reality drama "Beyond the Drum Tower", written by Wang Zhili, directed and acted by Yu Zhen, starring Hai Yitian and Bian Xiaoxiao, will land in Beijing on March 17. satellite TV.

Actor Yu Zhen, who played Luo Shibin in the hit drama "The World" not long ago, not only serves as the director of "Beyond the Drum Tower", but also starred in the play, the senior brother Yu Zhongsheng, who is affectionate and righteous and has clear grievances.

Hai Yitian played Xu Damao in "Love Full of Courtyards", which is impressive. This time he will play "Anti No. 1" again - the second junior brother Yin Dongyi. The dispute between his senior brothers and Yu Zhen will be a highlight of the play.

  Story: Focus on the lives of ordinary Beijingers

  "Beyond the Drum Tower" focuses on the life of ordinary Beijingers, telling the story of the carpenter master Yi Dachuan and his four apprentices inheriting the woodworking craftsmanship and craftsmanship spirit.

In the play, the master Yi Dachuan uses his selfless "artisan spirit" to preach and teach, and guide the apprentices from dividing to joining, from dispersing to gathering, and to take every step of the road of life steadfastly.

  In the play, the senior brother Yu Zhongsheng and the second senior brother Yin Dongyi confronted each other because of their past grievances. From opening a furniture factory to selling pancakes, selling eggs, and raising ostriches, the two have been tit for tat and fighting each other.

This not only affects the relationship between the brothers and sisters, but also hinders the love between Yu Zhongsheng and his master's granddaughter Yi Xiaochuan.

After years of baptism and calm thinking, they have a new understanding of life and life, let go of hatred, choose to forgive, and start a new life.

  Creation: "Outside the Drum Tower" is a very human land

  As a Beijing-flavored TV series that authentically shows Beijing stories and Beijing style, "Beyond the Drum Tower" has assembled a gold-medal creative team full of Beijing flavors.

Wang Zhili, the screenwriter of the play, has created a number of high-quality Beijing-style dramas such as "Love Full Courtyard", "Zhengyang Gate", "Little Woman under Zhengyang Gate" and "Silly Spring".

  Talking about the original reason for the creation of the play, Yu Zhen said in an interview with the media that he met screenwriter Wang Zhili when he was filming a previous TV series, "Wang Zhili wrote Beijing dramas very well, so I said, you give me a lot of money. Let me write a Beijing drama." Yu Zhen is an actor from Beijing who grew up outside the Drum Tower, and Wang Zhili promised to write a play about the outside of the Drum Tower for Yu Zhen.

The reason why Yu Zhen likes "Outside the Drum Tower" is because he lives in that place every day, and he is all too familiar with every hutong and even every family there.

"Including now that I have a child, I will also take the child back to the small house to stay for a while during the festivals. Those neighbors are still there. I have to call my grandma and my aunt. I think there is really a very humane place there. A piece of land. I mustered up the courage to direct this show, because I am too familiar with the life of that piece.”

  【Director talks】

  The first thing this drama talks about is filial piety, filial piety, no matter any role, it is filial piety, and filial piety is regarded as the biggest problem in life.

Filial piety is a must, caring for parents is a must, respect for teachers and Taoism is a must, and brotherhood is also a must.

This drama is full of family affection in Beijing's traditional culture, which is quite strong.

- Yu Zhen

  Written by / Beijing News reporter Liu Wei