[Commentary] The 85-year-old Mr. Chen Yiqiang is sorting out his photographic equipment at home, preparing to go out to start his daily routine of "sweeping the streets".

Since buying the first Seagull dual-lens reflex camera in the 1960s, Chen Yiqiang has worked diligently to take photos, striving for excellence in every photo.

Because camera rolls and photo prints were both rare and expensive at the time, there were only 36 shots on a single roll, and there was no chance to retake or review them.

Therefore, in Chen Yiqiang's own words, photography as an "aristocratic art" must achieve the rigor and harshness of "the right place and the right place" every time the shutter needs to be pressed.

  [Concurrent] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  At that time, we called photography "aristocratic art", and it cost about two yuan to click the shutter, film and expand the film.

Therefore, every time you press the shutter, you must be very strict, and you cannot press the shutter at will like a digital camera.

  [Explanation] Chen Yiqiang is from Meixian County, Guangdong Province. He graduated first in the School of Geology and Mining in the 1950s and took the initiative to apply to work in the most difficult areas.

After arriving in Qinghai, due to the needs of geological work, he walked all over the mountains and rivers in Qinghai.

In the bookcase at home, Chen Yiqiang collected his photos of nearly 60 years into a book, and made careful layout and cut-and-paste.

In the 1960s, Qinghai had a harsh natural environment and harsh climate, and many places were not suitable for living.

But in Chen Yiqiang's eyes, Qinghai is a natural wonderland.

  [Concurrent] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  I have been to mines, large and small, inaccessible places like Sanjiangyuan and Hoh Xil.

So I think Qinghai is too beautiful, (the scenery) is very atmospheric, and I myself have adapted to living in Qinghai.

  [Explanation] The photos taken by Chen Yiqiang have a wide range of subjects, recording the customs and ethnic characteristics of Qinghai from the 1960s to the present, and have repeatedly appeared in newspapers and magazines and won awards.

Sixty years of photography experience has created Chen Yiqiang's character of hard work and study.

As early as more than 30 years ago, Chen Yiqiang used the household necessities at home for secondary design, and improved unique equipment suitable for his later creation.

Chen Yiqiang said frankly that equipment has never been the upper limit of the development of photography, and more importantly, there must always be a heart to keep improving and keep learning.

  [Image restoration materials in the 1990s] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  When I started photography, I made an exposure box. This is a very simple enlarger. This lamp room is made of a thermos shell. This (cover) is folded by myself, and it is folded by myself.

  [Explanation] Chen Yiqiang believes that for photography that reflects the subject matter of people, the "sense of happiness" is often overlooked.

This kind of "happiness" can not only reflect the changes in people's mental outlook, but also can see the micro-knowledge, and indirectly reflect the changes and development of the current era from the details.

  [Concurrent] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  Happy smiles, happy parties, happy families, I have all reflected in the photos.

Therefore, people's happiness can reflect their spiritual outlook, as well as some situations in their (life) activities, which is different.

  [Explanation] Every excellent photo is not only a balance of composition, light and shadow, and color under the conditions of "the right time and place", but more importantly, it must be recorded on the basis of reality, and truthfully reflect the past and The current transformation process.

Achieving these goals requires frequent ideation and practice.

When the time is right, seize the fleeting opportunity to record.

  [Concurrent] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  Don't manipulate it consciously, because it's not real.

Including the way they (characters) speak, their smiles, and their communication with each other, we find a good (angle), aim at the camera, and press the shutter at the best moment.

  [Explanation] Although he has published his own photography collection, Chen Yiqiang still wants to continue to capture the changes in all aspects of Qinghai in the new era, and to introduce Qinghai's landscapes, plants, animals and creatures, in the hope that more people can understand Qinghai, come to Qinghai, like Qinghai.

  [Concurrent] Photographer Chen Yiqiang

  To continue to exert my will, I will take some pictures of Qinghai in the new era and introduce it to everyone.

  Reporter Chen Qifeng reported from Xining, Qinghai

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]