China News Service, March 18. According to the website of the Liaoning Provincial Health and Health Commission, from 0-14 on March 18, 46 new confirmed cases of local new coronary pneumonia were reported in Liaoning Province, of which 18 were reported in Shenyang and 28 in Dalian. ; 28 new cases of local asymptomatic infections, including 13 cases reported in Shenyang City, 14 cases in Dalian City, and 1 case in Yingkou City.

No cured cases were discharged.

  As of 14:00 on March 18, Liaoning Province has reported a total of 1,279 confirmed cases (including 202 imported from abroad), 969 cured and discharged, 2 died, and 308 were treated in hospital (287 domestic and 21 imported).

At present, there are still 462 cases of asymptomatic infection (233 domestic cases and 229 imported cases) in designated hospitals for observation and treatment.