Recruitment post blind box?

wake up!

  Gan Xi

  Right now is the "Golden Three Silver Four" spring recruitment season. On some recruitment platforms, some "blind box positions" have appeared, which has caused heated discussions among the public.

  What is a "Blind Box Post"?

On these recruitment platforms, construction companies, education technology companies, legal consulting agencies, etc., for groups who "don't know what position they are suitable for", put forward "you just have to show yourself boldly, and we will match you for the rest."

Some self-employed online stores also follow the trend and use the name of "blind box" to recruit, and the positions are customer service, warehouse packer, etc.

  Such an operation seems to be an "intimate" move by the employer to match job seekers with the most suitable positions for their abilities. It also attracts the attention of many young job seekers due to gimmicks such as "blind boxes", which make resume applicants "flip through". for a while".

But this also makes people want to ask: Is this operation reliable?

  From the perspective of the employer, as a regular company, what kind of positions are required and what conditions each position needs to have should be clear to job seekers, so that job seekers can screen and match their own situation, which not only reduces the blindness of blindness The increase in recruitment workload brought about by submitting resumes has also established a professional and formal corporate image in the minds of job seekers.

  From the perspective of job seekers, what skills you have and what positions you like or are suitable for should be the ones you know best. Submitting your resume to a "blind-box position" that you don't even know about any position is not only a measure of your ability to work The skepticism and irresponsibility also increase the cost and uncertainty of their job search.

  In this way, "blind box positions" are not desirable for both employees.

  So, as an intermediary platform that provides job information, is it okay to do so?

  According to the "Employment Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China", engaging in employment intermediary activities shall follow the principles of legality, good faith, fairness and openness.

That is to say, when an employer recruits personnel through an employment agency, it shall truthfully provide the employment agency with job demand information, etc.

If the employment agency recruits people in the name of "blind box positions", it is suspected of breaking the law.

  In addition, the "Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" clearly stipulates that when an employer recruits a laborer, it shall truthfully inform the laborer of the work content, working conditions, work place, occupational hazards, safe production conditions, labor remuneration, and the laborer's requirements for understanding of other situations.

The recruitment of "blind box positions" obviously does not comply with the provisions of the law.

  Here, it needs to be reminded that although the employer recruits people in the name of "blind box positions", although it can attract more attention, when signing the labor contract, it must also specify the position category and other information in the contract.

  Job seekers should keep their eyes open when facing "blind box positions", and beware of employers attracting attention in the form of hot spots, and then recommending unpopular positions.

If there is a "confused period" when you don't know what position is suitable for you, you can choose a position you have worked in or like to first enter the job to understand, and then go to find a suitable position with the in-depth contact in your work. Once you find it, you can apply for transfer. position or change to the position in another company.

Don't lead yourself astray with "Blind Box Posts".

  Employers and job seekers recruiting and applying through the "blind box" wake up!