China News Service, March 18. According to the website of China Agricultural University, on March 18, the Party and Government Office of China Agricultural University issued an emergency notice saying that some students and employees of the West Campus have suddenly felt unwell, and have symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. , the school immediately organized an investigation and quarantined the patient in time.

It was confirmed by the disease control department that it was a norovirus infection that is prone to occur in winter and spring.

This is a highly contagious gastrointestinal infection spread by contact.

  The notice pointed out that under the professional guidance of the government's disease control department, the school has launched an emergency plan, carried out an epidemiological investigation, and carried out a comprehensive disinfection of disease-related places and public places.

Teachers and students are requested to strictly follow the norovirus infection prevention and control requirements, pay attention to personal hygiene, wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not gather, and minimize the chance of virus exposure.

If you feel unwell, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms, please go to the school hospital for examination and treatment in time.

If teachers and students have any difficulties and suggestions during this period, please report them to the school as soon as possible.

  "We must do our best to protect the school and be responsible for the health of the majority of teachers, students and employees, and the relevant situation will be reported in a timely manner," the notice said.