• Covid-19 Ómicron cracks the Covid zero strategy in China

  • Measures China could abandon its questioned zero Covid strategy "in the near future"

  • Outbreaks China registers almost 3,400 cases of covid-19 in one day, the highest number in two years

If you lived in Jiangsu and found out that a neighbor of yours in this vast province in eastern China where 80 million people live, had

disobeyed the quarantine rules

, you could make a phone call to the authorities.

If the


is true,

he will earn a reward of 10,000 yuan, 1,400 euros in exchange.

This public announcement travels these days through the Jiangsu neighborhoods that have been confined by the new outbreak.

It is not the first time during the pandemic that these types of rewards have been offered in China


A month ago, when the great focus of contagion was on Hong Kong, several cities in the southern province of Guangdong, neighboring the former British colony, offered up to 30,000 yuan (4,300 euros) for notices about people who had escaped from Hong Kong. Kong in the midst of his fifth wave.

One of these cities offering the handsome bounty,


, a major industrial hub,

ordered a strict lockdown on its 10 million residents on Tuesday


A couple of days before, without leaving


, it was the technological capital of China,


, that closed its doors and

locked up 17 million people at home


Residents of both cities are now blaming their plight on lapses in Hong Kong's exit controls last month.

In the last 30 days,

China has reported more Covid cases than in all of 2021


So far in March, there

are 18,000 new cases spread over 28 provinces


At the beginning of Christmas, the daily positives did not reach a hundred.

A year ago, they did not exceed ten.

But on Wednesday they set a record of 5,000 infections in 24 hours, numbers not seen since the first outbreak in Wuhan.

This Thursday,

the figure has dropped to 3,000 new infections


The authorities point to the origin of the outbreak, like the residents of Guangdong, that

the virus jumped from Hong Kong.

China, back to the strict bolt

Tens of millions of people are living in lockdown in China right now


The count of quarantines begins in the northeast,

Jilin, which shares a border with North Korea, where more infections are being reported.

Adding the confined residents of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Changchun or Langfang, which borders Beijing, the total number of people in quarantine amounts to more than 50 million.

That's just counting the entire cities that are completely locked down.


the figure would be much higher if one goes province by province

looking for neighborhoods that have been closed due to small outbreaks.

Like in Shanghai, where 8,000 hotel rooms have been set up for quarantines.

In lockdown cities,

no one is allowed to leave their neighborhoods except essential workers and emergency services


Each household can only send one person to buy food every two to three days.

They are also conducting multiple

rounds of mass PCR testing

for all residents.

Jilin began its ninth round of testing on Wednesday.


new wave from China has spread much faster

than the previous ones because ómicron managed to sneak through a border that has been closed since March 2020. Not even the immovable zero Covid strategy maintained by the Asian giant has managed to contain the most infectious variant .

In a country where 87% of the population has the complete schedule of the vaccine, and about 40% have received the third booster dose

, the official count says that the total number of infections does not reach 124,000 infections.

In China, where more than 1.4 billion people live, 4,636 have died from Covid.

That figure, despite the new outbreak that is becoming more widespread every day, has not risen, according to the authorities, since January 26, 2021.

Incorporation of new forms of screening: antigen test


the omicron outbreak, rapid antigen tests have also arrived in China


It is the first time in the Asian country that the National Health Commission authorizes the massive use of these tests, widely implemented in the West, abandoning its previous policy of carrying out only nucleic acid tests to confirm infections.

Another guideline that has changed has been the order that

Covid patients with mild symptoms can remain isolated in a quarantine center and not go to hospitals.

Until now, anyone diagnosed was admitted to hospital.

This does not translate in the least in a possible future relief from the rigid state policy of Covid zero.

It is simply

a measure to free up beds in medical centers in the midst of the growing wave

of infections.

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