It is believed that Yasunari Kawabata, a Nobel Prize in Literature writer 50 years after his death, was the source of the short story "Kagaribi", which depicts memories of his first love with a woman in his early twenties. An interview with the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature revealed that the draft was left, and it will be open to the public in April.

This draft was confirmed during the research conducted by the Museum of Modern Japanese Literature for the exhibition that will open in April.

From the contents written on the three manuscript papers, it was found that it seems to be related to the autobiographical short story "Kagaribi" published by Kawabata, who was 24 years old in 1924.

It can be seen that the slashes were erased and words were added, and the conversations between the characters with the proviso "Easy" were omitted from the actually published work. I did.

"Kagaribi" was completed as a work after having a catastrophe with that woman, based on the actual experience of visiting Gifu in order for Kawabata to apply for marriage to a woman named "Hatsuyo" who is 7 years younger. After that, Kawabata continued to write novels on the same theme.

Kunihiko Nakajima, President of The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature, said that it was a valuable material that conveys the appearance of Kawabata in his youth, and that "I understand that he was trying to make his experience into a work." ..

These drafts will be published from April 2nd.