China News Service, March 15th, according to the website of the Ministry of Education, in order to implement the "Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Students' Homework and Off-campus Training in Compulsory Education" issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council, and reduce the burden caused by competition. Recently, the Ministry of Education, the Central Editorial Office, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the State Administration for Market Regulation jointly revised the "Administrative Measures for National Competitions for Primary and Secondary School Students (Trial)" issued by the Ministry of Education in September 2018 , issued the new "Administrative Measures for National Competitions for Primary and Middle School Students" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures") to further improve the management system of competitions for primary and secondary students, adhere to the orientation of quality education, and give better play to the education of competitions. people function.

  The "Administrative Measures" are based on the management practice of competition activities in the past three years, combined with the latest requirements of the "double reduction" policy, fully absorbed the opinions and suggestions reflected by all parties, adjusted and optimized the competition evaluation and identification process, and refined the competition organization requirements.

The "Administrative Measures" consists of general provisions, application conditions, identification procedures, organizational requirements, and daily supervision.

Among them, the general rules put forward the overall management principles for the competition; the application conditions clarified the conditions that the organizer of the competition should have and the materials required for the application; the certification process clarified the Ministry of Education and other departments to identify and review the competition activities. Time node; organization requirements have made detailed regulations on the registration, selection of experts, proposition scoring, evaluation and evaluation, and public announcement of the competition organizer in the process of competition organization, and make it clear that the competition and the results of the competition will not act The basis of primary school enrollment is strictly prohibited from charging any fees; daily supervision emphasizes the daily management requirements of competition activities, and clarifies the departmental responsibilities and task division of investigating and punishing illegal competition activities.

  The "Administrative Measures" emphasize that any school, student or parent adheres to the principle of voluntary participation in the competition.

The organization of the competition must meet the "eight musts", one is to adhere to the public welfare and not for profit; the second is that the work of the competition shall not be entrusted or authorized; the third is that any unit, organization or individual shall not submit to students, schools or schools. Charge various fees to achieve "zero charges"; Fourth, it is not allowed to specify the transportation, hotel, restaurant and other supporting services when participating in the competition; Fifth, it is not allowed to organize training, study tours, and winter camps related to the competition for participating students , summer camps, etc., and charge fees in disguised form; sixth, do not sell or disguised sales of materials, books, auxiliary tools, equipment, materials, etc.; seventh, do not conduct training for participating students, parents or teachers; Fees will be charged for carrying out graded examination violations.

At the same time, international competitions held in China are simultaneously included in the standardized management, and the investigation and punishment of illegal competitions have been increased to make the management of competition activities more standardized, scientific and normalized.

  In the next step, the Ministry of Education and other departments will guide all localities to conscientiously implement the requirements of the "Administrative Measures", strengthen departmental cooperation, widely accept supervision, resolutely crack down on illegal competitions, effectively regulate various competition activities for primary and middle school students, and help "double reduction". "The implementation will promote the all-round development and healthy growth of students.