Network optimization expert Huang Zhihui "trains" equipment and upgrades technology, allowing users to experience the "speed and passion" of 5G applications——

  Guarding the "data train" all the way

  Our reporter Lai Shuwen

  A few days ago, when the reporter saw Huang Zhihui, he was leading a few colleagues to do a data test on the base station of Poxiang Road in Haikou.

  Huang Zhihui, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, is a wireless network optimization expert for China Unicom's Hainan branch.

He put forward suggestions such as "depth coverage theory based on wireless link budget", "integrated indoor and outdoor coverage plan", and "low-cost model measurement to support accurate planning of indoor depth coverage", which saved more than 18 million yuan in construction investment for the unit.

  "The wireless network is like a highway. My mission is to turn the highway into a highway, and ensure the passage of more 'data trains' safely and quickly." Huang Zhihui described his work in this way.

  Be a good communication device "coach"

  Huang Zhihui's connection with the wireless network is inseparable from the nurturing of his family.

  Huang Zhihui's father is a physics teacher, and there are always various experimental equipment for physics class at home, which gives Huang Zhihui the "practical" conditions since he was a child.

  My father also brought physics knowledge into the home.

"With the help of my father, the electronic components were placed in the soap box and connected in series through wires, and a simple radio was ready." Huang Zhihui recalled that in the early 1980s, he had Got a DIY radio.

  In 1994, after graduating from the University of Radio Technology, Huang Zhihui entered the Seventh Research Institute of the Ministry of Electronics Industry as a research and development engineer.

In 1999, uneasy about the status quo, he came to Shanghai Siemens Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. as a technical support expert.

  Five years later, Huang Zhihui, who was already well-known in the industry, joined China Unicom Hainan Branch, where he gradually grew into a wireless network optimization expert.

  In his 27-year career, Huang Zhihui has experienced the rapid development of mobile communication networks from 1G to 5G.

  "Network operation should maximize the performance of the base station, which not only saves costs, but also improves the user experience." Huang Zhihui feels that he is like a "coach" of the equipment. Through training, the equipment can be brought to the best level and the network performance can be used. to the extreme.

  Ensuring the high-speed operation of the "data train"

  In the 5G planning of the free trade port, Huang Zhihui conducted forward-looking research on the networking of 3.5G and 2.1G frequency performance and coverage capabilities, and formulated a network plan for 3.5G and 2.1G frequencies in different scenarios. The implementation of application projects such as smart tourism and smart agriculture provides technical support.

  "Today's 5G is like a high-speed track. This high-speed track is enough for multiple 5G applications to 'walk' at the same time. My task is to ensure that various 'data trains' run stably on it." He likened this.

  "Fortunately, my first job was equipment research and development, my second job was equipment application, and my third job was current user service. This sequence gave me a good accumulation of technology." Huang Zhihui's career has been steady and steady. .

  In 2017, Hainan Unicom established the country's first high-speed rail theater with four technical standards of exclusive high bandwidth, high-density concurrency, low interaction delay, and low latency, and realized the world's first high-speed rail full-course 4G multimedia on the East Ring High-speed Railway. The three video services of video broadcasting, two-way live video, and VR live video are smoothly concurrent.

  Behind this, the efforts of Huang Zhihui and his colleagues are inseparable.

  At the beginning of debugging, the VR video live broadcast often appeared to be stuck.

It turns out that 4G network wireless interface bandwidth is limited, but VR services need to consume a lot of bandwidth, so there is often insufficient resource scheduling.

The on-site technicians felt helpless about this problem and could only invite Huang Zhihui.

  Huang Zhihui stayed at the scene for two months.

He took the trouble to repeatedly test the entire circuit, constantly recalling the "stock accumulation" from his mind, and finally successfully solved the video freeze failure in the last optimization plan adjustment that he felt that he was going to be exhausted.

  "Internet Doctor" who loves to read

  "I will let them do it themselves first, think about solutions, and then guide them when they encounter difficulties, so that they will get started faster." Many of Huang Zhihui's apprentices have become the backbone of the business.

  "When I encounter a problem, he will always teach me the first time, and he will teach me a lot of methods." Wang Guangxian, a network engineer at the Hainan Unicom Regional Operation Center, said that he and Huang Zhihui are both teachers and friends. What he admires most is Huang Zhihui's love of reading, Ken study.

  Reading books is a habit that Huang Zhihui has cultivated since he was a child. When he encounters a book he likes, he will always read it repeatedly and take down reading notes.

  The reporter saw a book - "Detailed Explanation of 3G Key Technologies" on Huang Zhihui's bookshelf, the pages of which have been rolled up.

He told reporters that it was this book that helped him build a complete theoretical framework for mobile communications.

  "The network frameworks of 2G, 3G, and 4G are developed abroad, and many books are also foreign. If you want to understand, you have to read the original English version." Huang Zhihui said that it was difficult to read professional books in English at first, in order to let yourself learn and understand He spent a lot of time translating the content of some chapters into Chinese, and then reorganized the knowledge according to his own ideas to deepen his understanding.

  "When you are upset or encounter difficult problems, you can calm down by reading a book, and you can find inspiration from books for many problems." Huang Zhihui told reporters.