In winter, the number of people who donate blood tends to decrease, and it is difficult to secure blood due to the influence of the new corona. We are calling for cooperation in behavior and blood donation.

In the blood donation room on Okaido, Matsuyama City, 100 handmade cheesecakes were prepared for White Day on the 14th.

According to the Ehime Red Cross Blood Center, the number of people who donate blood tends to decrease in winter, and the number of people who refrain from going out due to the influence of the new corona may make it difficult to secure stable blood. It is said that there is.

The visitors were tasting cheesecake after donating blood in order.

The Red Cross Blood Center encourages people to make reservations over the phone or the Internet and donate blood so that people who come to the venue do not concentrate at the same time.

A woman in her 50s who helped donate blood said, "The sweetness is modest and delicious. I think it will be an opportunity to donate blood at an event like this."

In Ehime prefecture, there is a shortage of O-type blood, so Mamiko Okada, the director of the Okaido branch office of the Prefectural Red Cross Blood Center, said, "Blood has an expiration date and is always needed by medical institutions, so donate blood. Thank you for your cooperation. "