Many companies have released the demand for "meta-skill" jobs, and the high-paying treatment has made job seekers excited——

"Metaverse" recruitment is heating up, is it really seeking talent or just catching on?

  Our reporter Chen Xi

  Right now, in the golden period of spring recruitment, the recruitment in the name of "Metaverse" is becoming more and more popular, and many positions are offering high-paying talents.

Industry insiders pointed out that some "metaverse" positions have vague descriptions, and some companies use high salaries as a gimmick to "get the heat".

The development of "Metaverse" is still in the early stage, and the real demand for talents has not yet experienced explosive growth. When choosing a career, workers must seize opportunities and make careful judgments.

  "The ultimate future of the Internet" "The biggest outlet in the next 10 years"... 2021 is called "the first year of the metaverse".

Right now, it is the golden period of spring recruitment, and the recruitment under the name of "Metaverse" is becoming more and more popular.

  The reporter found that from infrastructure fields such as VR/AR, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, to 3D modeling, technical art, virtual design and other content ecological fields, various companies have given a large number of sub-posts to talents with "meta-skills". Extending an olive branch, the annual salary can reach up to one million yuan.

  Industry insiders pointed out that some "metaverse" positions have vague descriptions, and some companies use high salaries as a gimmick to "get the heat".

The development of "Metaverse" is still in the early stage, and the real demand for talents has not yet experienced explosive growth. When choosing a career, workers must seize opportunities and make careful judgments.

  Enterprises give high salaries to recruit troops

  After the Spring Festival holiday, art designer Zhang Feng was surprised when he opened his mailbox.

  "In more than ten days, the headhunter recommended 6 job opportunities to me, all from the newly established 'Metaverse' game team." He was a little flattered.

  In fact, despite much attention and anticipation, there is no accepted definition of the "metaverse" so far.

  Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University International Business School, believes that the "metaverse" can be understood as a virtual world parallel to the real world, and the two are closely related in economic, social and identity systems. Fusion, people have their own virtual avatars in the metaverse, and can value digital assets.

  According to Pan Helin's analysis, the "metaverse" itself is not a brand-new technology, but the extension, interaction, and integration of technologies such as digital twins, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. It is a breakthrough in known fields, and practitioners in these fields They are all talents needed for the future development of the "metaverse".

  Senior Internet headhunter Shen Xiaofei told reporters that it is generally believed in the industry that games and social networking are expected to become the first scene of the "metaverse".

At present, the enterprises with the greatest demand for talents are also the enterprises in these two tracks.

  On a well-known recruitment platform, the reporter typed "Metaverse" to search and found more than 260 related positions.

  From the perspective of the main body of the release, most of them are indeed game and social short video companies, as well as e-commerce, education, and film and television companies that are relatively closely integrated with the "metaverse".

From the point of view of position setting, most of them are technical, and there are also regular positions such as product, operation, and market.

  In terms of salary, technical talents are obviously worth more. No matter the size of the enterprise, the monthly salary given is mostly more than 20,000 yuan.

  The reporter saw that a game company recruits U3D client development engineers with a monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000 yuan, and only needs "a bachelor's degree or above, and more than two years of work experience in large-scale game online projects."

Another company recruited for the VR director position, requiring "more than 5 years of experience in leading game projects", with a monthly salary of 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, plus the promised salary of 18 yuan and stock options, the annual salary has exceeded one million yuan.

Some job gimmicks outweigh the essence

  Faced with the influx of job offers, Zhang Feng, who had no plans to change jobs, was a little excited. "I am looking for a position with concept art and 3D character designer, both of which are familiar directions, and the salary increase is about 30%."

  However, after careful research and communication with the headhunter, Zhang Feng was worried and confused: "The job description is no different from a regular game project, and the templates used are similar, but with the shell of the 'metaverse'. The project described by the headhunter has great prospects. Temptation, but I can't tell what exactly I'm going to do."

  Shen Xiaofei felt the same way at work: "As an emerging industry, 'Metaverse' has no real practitioners. Enterprises are crossing the river by feeling the stones, either building their own teams or poaching core technicians from traditional industries." In his view, such talents have always been in short supply, and it is not surprising to offer high salaries.

  "At present, the demand for talents has not experienced explosive growth, and the salary increase is also within a reasonable range, but it is just a continuation of the high salary in the Internet industry." As a senior HR of a leading Internet company, Sun Ping (pseudonym) told reporters that recruitment is indeed increasing. But it is not as hot as rumored, and many companies are still waiting.

The reason for creating an atmosphere of "robbing people" is that in addition to the barbaric growth brought about by the beginning of the industry, there are also some companies who are hyping "hot spots".

  A job advertisement with an annual salary of one million entered the reporter's field of vision.

  On a job application software, a listed company released the recruitment information for three positions, "Metaverse Partner", "Metaverse Talent (Returnee)" and "Metaverse Talent (Fresh Graduate)", and the annual salary range given is 50 10,000 to 1,000,000 yuan, requires "computer, software engineering and other majors, bachelor degree or above", and most of the job responsibilities are "combined with the company's product characteristics and technical advantages to formulate and complete the Metaverse technology circuit, lead the team to carry out in-depth technology development and Metaverse-related underlying technologies, core applications, and optimization of 3D engines."

  Although it seems to be a large-scale talent acquisition, the reporter found that, as a company specializing in radio frequency products for mobile communication base stations, this company has successively set foot in popular fields such as graphene, polymer materials, and OLED, and most of them have failed.

According to Qichacha data, the company lost more than 70 million yuan in the first three quarters of 2021.

  Workers need to be cautious when choosing jobs

  Bloomberg industry research report predicts that the "metaverse" related economy will reach a market size of 800 billion US dollars in 2024.

  According to Pan Helin’s analysis, the deep-seated reason for the rise of the “Metaverse” is that the development of the Internet has entered a bottleneck period, and the space for traffic growth has peaked. The major giants are eager to break the restrictions and boost the mobile Internet into the next incremental market.

  Sun Ping agrees with this. He believes that in the long run, the "metaverse" will undoubtedly represent a development trend and will also create certain jobs, but when this vision will come, it is currently both technical and content. There is uncertainty.

  Then, in the face of the "metaverse" waiting for a virtual position, how should workers judge when choosing a career?

  Pan Helin believes, "At the current stage, the industry's demand for technical talents is far greater than that of content talents. If workers have excellent technical skills, they can try. ) will lower the threshold for content production, but its development is still lagging behind, so it may not be a good choice to get involved in the 'metaverse' now."

  Sun Ping suggested that workers should make plans based on their own actual conditions under the premise of recognizing the market situation, and not blindly switch runways just because of the popularity of the "metaverse".

When choosing a job, in addition to considering salary, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the job profile is clear, whether the company has done related projects, and how its performance is. Those companies that have passed the market test will have a higher project "survival rate".