British Prince Harry has once again been caught in the crossfire of the tabloid press: The fact that the prince will not attend a funeral service for his grandfather Prince Philip, who died almost a year ago in London at the end of March, is tantamount to a “snub” to the Queen, the newspaper quoted as saying “ The Sun" on Saturday the Royals expert Angela Levin.

Apparently, Harry wanted to increase the pressure on the royal family in the dispute over police protection for himself and his wife Meghan.

A spokesman for Harry confirmed on Friday that the prince, who now lives in California with his family, will not attend his grandfather's funeral service on March 29 at London's Westminster Abbey.

The spokesman did not give a reason.

However, Harry hopes to be able to visit his grandmother, Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, "soon".

Harry's cancellation is causing a stir in Britain, particularly as the prince is reportedly due in the Netherlands just two weeks later to take part in the Invictus Games for war-disabled soldiers.

Levin accused Harry of trying to "blackmail" the royal family by not attending Philip's funeral.

Harry is currently taking legal action against the UK's decision to stop giving him and his wife Meghan police protection when visiting the UK.

The Home Office rejected Harry's suggestion that he pay for the costs of such operations himself.

allegations of extortion

Harry and Meghan employ a private security team in the United States.

However, they allege that their security guards in the UK do not have sufficient authority and access to British intelligence to protect their family.

ITV reporter Chris Ship, who covers the Royal Family, tweeted his bewilderment at Harry's feeling unsafe in the UK "without having access to the intelligence information he's asked for", but no similar concerns his trip to the Netherlands.

Harry wants to shoot a documentary in the Netherlands about the Invictus Games he initiated.

The film project is part of a million dollar deal with the Netflix streaming service.

Queen Elizabeth II has had repeated health problems in recent times.

On Friday, Buckingham Palace had canceled an appearance by the monarch planned for next week at a service on Commonwealth Day in Westminster Abbey.