"Ace vs. Ace" held a "Wulin Conference", and all members paid tribute to the "Martial Arts Spirit"

  China Net, March 11th. Last week, Zhejiang Satellite TV's new season of "Ace vs Ace" presented an entertaining "anti-fraud" class, allowing the audience to raise their awareness of "anti-fraud" in laughter.

Today (March 11) at 20:20, the program will continue its high-energy output. The "ace family" Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong, the ace senior brother Shen Tao and the ace junior youth group-Song Yaxuan will join forces with Li Gengxi, Sha Yi, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Tianai and Zhao Wenzhuo (according to the initials of their surnames), the "Jianghu Xia Guest Team" started a turbulent "Wulin Conference" to pay tribute to the "Martial Arts Spirit".

At the same time, the program also specially invited two "industry ace": Yuan Bin, who has served as the martial arts instructor of many film and television works such as "Green Snake", and Zhao Yuping, a lecturer and cultural scholar of "Hundred Schools Forum", to explore "Chinese-style martial arts" with the audience. The meaning of "spirit".

The ace "Martial Arts" family gathered together to pay tribute to the classic martial arts works

  "The big man is for the country and the people, and the little man is for friends and neighbors."

The knights have been active in novels and film and television works from ancient times to the present. The knights in the literary world have excellent martial arts, deep love and righteousness, which makes people look forward to them.

The theme of this episode is "Martial Arts", hoping to explore the truth behind these stories through classic martial arts film and television dramas, and to understand the thinking and enlightenment brought by martial arts works.

  This time, all the members of the "Ace Family" are dressed in ancient costumes, highly restoring the classic characters in "Wind and Cloud - Domination of the World". Shen Teng appeared handsomely in the shape of Nie Feng, but unexpectedly, he was "kicked" by the "true Nie Feng" Zhao Wenzhuo on the spot. What kind of head-to-head "showdown" happened between the two?

In this issue, the two groups of people will be looking for a legendary "martial arts secret book". In order to achieve the goal, the two sides will have a fierce competition. What kind of competition did Jia Ling and Zhao Wenzhuo have on the scene that made the audience astounded?

When it was Sha Yi's turn to fight, what kind of sudden change in painting style did it cause?

What kind of "God assists" did Song Yaxuan and Li Gengxi show in their respective teams?

 "Martial Arts Instructor" Yuan Bin made a surprise appearance, revealing the "ace spirit" behind an industry

  The word "Martial Arts" represents a kind of longing for many people. It is a kind of yearning and pursuit of "getting away from the clothes and hiding one's name deeply", and it is also a kind of silent dedication and perseverance to love things, and more It is a kind of indomitable blood and hard work.

Yuan Bin, a famous martial arts instructor who is nearly 70 years old, made a surprise appearance in this issue. What filming experience did he tell about the crew that shocked the audience?

Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Ruoyun and other young actors were moved, and what new insights did they have?

  The new season of "Ace vs. Ace" focuses on the connection with social culture. "Martial arts culture" also carries a different core of Ace's spirit. Cultural scholar Zhao Yuping brings professional explanations on the show and shares the development process of "Martial Arts Culture".

In order to better convey the spirit of "chivalry", the guests also integrated "chivalry" in the talent session. What kind of surprise cooperation will Zhao Wenzhuo and Hua Chenyu bring?

What new skills will the heroic "woman" Zhang Tianai unlock?

  Today (March 11) at 20:20, Zhejiang Satellite TV's new season of "Ace Vs Ace" will be broadcast. Follow the show and walk into the "Jianghu" together and feel the true meaning of the "Martial Arts" spirit!