Will there be big smiles, and even a few tears, in front of the schools?

Next Monday, for the first time in many months, you will be able to drop your child off at school without a mask, discover the lower part of his teacher's face, the smile of your cashier, enter a restaurant without looking at the bottom of the bag your mask… The Covid-19 is still present in France, but the indicators show a sharp drop in recent weeks.

On March 14, therefore, it will be the end of the last restrictions linked to Covid-19 in France.

Or almost.

The mask will no longer be required anywhere, except in transport (bus, metro, airports, train, etc.) and certain health establishments, but will remain recommended for positive people, contact cases and caregivers.

We will also say goodbye to the vaccination pass.

On the other hand, the health pass (vaccination certificate, result of a negative test or a certificate of recovery) will remain requested at the entrance to hospitals, retirement homes and establishments for the disabled.

The French who did not have a vaccination pass, or did not want to use it, will therefore be able to return to the cinema, to the restaurant, to a theater for the first time since August.

Those who could no longer bear to wear a mask all day in the office will be able to remove it once they leave the metro entrance.

Those who have avoided large gatherings and closed places, and who have not kissed their fragile loved ones, may change their habits.

How do you imagine this day of the end of the restrictions?

How do you feel about leaving mask and vaccination pass?

Have you planned anything special?

On the contrary, will this day be like the others?

Are you delighted with this release but will keep some health reflexes acquired over the past two years?

Tell us !


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Covid-19: The end of the vaccination pass and the wearing of the mask indoors announced for March 14

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