China News Service, Nanning, March 9 (Jiang Xuelin and Wang Yi) "The police found in their daily work that most of the victims of telecommunications network fraud in the jurisdiction are young people such as 'post-90s', and people in this age group usually like to drink milk tea. The milk tea cups are printed with anti-fraud propaganda slogans and the QR code of the 'National Anti-Fraud Center' APP, which is very popular among the post-90s." Liang Hui, a female police officer at the Panlong Police Station of the Liangqing Branch of the Nanning Public Security Bureau, said on the 8th. said in an interview with reporters.

Liang Hui and other members of the "Women Vanguard" entered the units under their jurisdiction to carry out anti-telecom fraud publicity.

Photo by Jiang Xuelin

  Liang Hui is a member of the "Women Vanguard" of the Panlong Police Station.

The "Women's Vanguard" was established on September 9, 2019. It consists of 20 female police officers and auxiliary police officers. In social security rectification, patrols, and fraud prevention publicity, they use the unique patience, care and affinity of female police officers. , to provide more professional and efficient services to the people in the jurisdiction.

Liang Hui and other "Women Vanguard" members and community volunteers carried out anti-telecom fraud publicity on the streets.

Photo by Jiang Xuelin

  Chen Jiayi, an instructor at the Panlong Police Station, introduced that the "Women Pioneers" analyzed and judged the characteristics of telecommunications fraud cases in their jurisdictions, returned to the victims on the spot, carried out anti-fraud publicity that differed from person to person, and formulated a novel anti-fraud publicity plan, which was the first to launch in Nanning City. Anti-fraud milk tea", using the golden advertising space of residential areas and elevators, to expose typical cases, and to create fraud-free residential areas, office buildings, etc.

  Chen Jiayi introduced that Liang Hui and other "Women Vanguard" members have flexible minds and novel working methods.

After they designed a publicity plan to print anti-fraud slogans and the QR code of the "National Anti-Fraud Center" APP on milk tea cups, the police station fully supported and promoted this work.

This novel approach was launched in the jurisdiction and was promoted by the City Council.

At present, it has signed contracts with 60 stores under a milk tea production company to jointly promote "anti-fraud milk tea". Every time a cup of milk tea is sold, the clerk will remind customers to scan the QR code to download the "National Anti-Fraud Center APP".

  Chen Jiayi said that the Panlong Police Station also cooperated with the milk tea production company to jointly launch a creative anti-fraud promotional video series: a total of 8 Douyin videos were produced, with a total of 6.75 million views, a total of 170,000 likes, 70,000+ comments, and forwarding. 120,000+.

Liang Hui and other "Women Vanguard" members and community volunteers entered the store to carry out anti-telecom fraud publicity.

Photo by Jiang Xuelin

  The "Women Vanguard" of the Panlong Police Station made full use of opportunities such as participating in community activities to explain anti-fraud knowledge to various social groups; it carried out anti-telecom fraud training for the financial personnel of enterprises in the jurisdiction, and this training achieved remarkable results.

On March 4 this year, when a financial officer of a company in the jurisdiction planned to transfer a sum of 970,000 yuan according to the routine set by the swindler, the "women vanguard" cooperated with the property management company in the jurisdiction to dissuade the company in time to avoid losses. .

  "Because there have been cases of telecom fraud in our jurisdiction where companies have been defrauded of large amounts of money, we have organized the financial personnel of various companies in our jurisdiction to conduct online fraud prevention training, so that financial personnel are familiar with various types of telecom fraud, so as to effectively carry out Prevention." Liang Hui said that it was the financial staff of the company involved who participated in the training held by the institute and raised their vigilance to successfully prevent the 970,000 yuan from being transferred fraudulently.

  With the efforts of the "women's vanguard", in mid-November 2021, the Panlong jurisdiction finally took off the "hat" of the city's high-incidence telecommunications fraud community for five consecutive times.