In Hokkaido, it was announced on the 9th that 1985 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus and eight people were confirmed dead.

Infection was confirmed

▽ 954 people including 12 re-positives in Sapporo City ▽

161 people in Ishikari region ▽

127 people including 1 re-positive person in Asahikawa City ▽

122 people in Tokachi region

▽ 106 people in Kushiro region


▽ 86 people in Kamikawa region ▽

85 people in Hakodate city and Kushiro region ▽

55 people in Otaru city ▽

48 people in Watashima region ▽

44 people in Sorachi region ▽

37 people in Okhotsk region ▽

36 people in

Shiribeshi region ▽ Nemuro region 12 people

▽ 10 people in Hidaka region ▽

7 people in Rumoi region ▽

5 people in Soya region ▽ 5 people

announced by Michi as "other", totaling 1985 people.

In addition, among the people who have been confirmed to be infected so far, the road is a combination of 3 men and women in their 80s and 90s, 3 men in their 70s and 80s in Sapporo City, and 2 men in their 80s in Asahikawa City. Announced the deaths of eight people.

As a result, there are a total of 188,241 infected people in Hokkaido, including a total of 103,918 people in Sapporo City, and 18,37 people have died.