Three years ago, the Supreme Court decided to dismiss the appeal for a defendant who had been acquitted of being accused of murdering a man who runs a company in Sapporo, and a sentence of 22 years in prison is finalized. It was decided.

Defendant Ken Murai (38), who was an employee of a real estate company, strangled and killed a man in his 70s who was in charge of leasing brokerage in Sapporo City three years ago, and also took care of him from a customer. He was accused of murder and business misappropriation for having taken up his rent.

At the trial, the defendants admitted that he had taken cash, but pleaded not guilty to the murder.

The Sapporo District Court of the first instance said, "I am doing actions that can only be explained by the criminal, such as watching the scene many times after the incident. There is nothing to consider, "he sentenced him to 22 years in prison.

The defendant appealed because the two courts made the same decision, but Judge Eriko Watanabe of the Supreme Court's Third Small Court decided to dismiss by the 9th, and the sentence of 22 years in prison was finalized.