"The World" Voiceover

  After the weather warms, there will always be a lot of people sitting under the vine frame on the north side of the Rose Garden, all of whom are grandparents from Beijing.

There are many vines in the Temple of Heaven. Why is this place the most popular?

How much makes me a little strange.

It may be related to the location of this place. There is a rose garden on one side and a lilac bush on the other side. The flowers bloom in season and the flowers are fragrant. The north and south here are transparent, and even in the cold winter, there is sunshine and it is very warm.

The gathering of popularity is similar to phototaxis in physics.

  At noon that day, I sat under the ivy frame, basking in the sun, while drawing a few people chatting across from me.

A few people should be a few years younger than me, both male and female, and they are talking about the TV series "The World" that has just been aired.

Hearing them chatting with great interest, in loud voices, obviously liked it.

I also liked it very much. I thought it was the best TV drama I had done recently, so I paid extra attention to listening to their chatter.

  Among the people in the Zhou family, they were discussing who was the best performer, and each had their own opinions. No one agreed with the other, and no one could convince the other.

  Some people say that mom is the best.

Immediately someone objected: Too fat, how can you look like people at that time?

Not as good as Zheng Juan's mother!

  Some people say that Dad is the best.

Some people immediately objected: Yes, but it was just the first few episodes. Unfortunately, there is basically no scene of him in the later episodes. Except for the scene where he slept on the kang before his death, it was almost a dozen soy sauce.

  Some people say that Zheng Juan is the best.

Immediately, someone had a different opinion: it was very good, but he looked miserable from beginning to end, and he spoke in a whimpering voice, as if he had a hot eggplant in his mouth, which was unpleasant.

  The voice of disapproval sounded immediately: Do you listen to other people's words or watch people's performances?

  An old man waved his hand, interrupted her, and said, "If you want me to say, in all fairness, Bingkun is still the best.

  The voice stopped for a while, and the other old man spoke: I agree, he did a good job, but he was too hard, and he had to eat almost all the hardships in the family.

Besides, although he suffers the most, and like the buddies of the Six Little Gentlemen, he is also a low-level person in the light-character film, but why is he so special?

The elder brother is a high-ranking official, and the daughter of the provincial governor is the sister-in-law; the elder sister is a university professor, and the brother-in-law is a famous director; he also has a powerful friend like Ma Shouchang who is an official.

You say, we have one count as one, who has such a blessing and such a relationship?

If you want to say that there is one of these connections, you can, my dear, if you want wind and wind, if you want water and water, you can take it all. This is too coincidental, right?

I think Bing-kun's authenticity is compromised.

  Immediately someone objected to him: your requirements are too harsh, this is a TV series, if you don't make it like this, how can you make it up?

Would you give a try?

  He shook his head and said no more.

  Some people say that Bingyi played well, and some people say that Dongmei played well... The people of the Zhou family from old to young, three generations of the family, have been judged one by one.

I have never seen a TV drama so popular, and it is hotly debated in the park.

Really happy for Xiaosheng (Liang Xiaosheng, the original author of "The World").

  At this time, an old lady saw that I stretched her neck and listened to their discussion. She stood up, pointed at me and said: "Big brother, don't just play music on the side, you also talk about who will play the role." best?

  I had no choice but to walk over to them and say to them: The actors selected for this TV series are all competent and perform the best. If you want me to say, it has to be Bingkun!

Zheng Juan's acting is really good, but her character is basically hard-working, forbearance and kindness. Such a role is relatively popular and easier to play.

Bingkun is different. He has to face his parents, his elder brother and sister, Zheng Juan, Zheng Juan's mother, younger brother and Nan Nan, as well as his sister's child Yue Yue, his own child Zhou Cong, and others. That bad guy Luo Shibin, and his buddy Six Little Gentlemen, have experienced the ups and downs of human relations over the past fifty years.

These people are of different ages, different experiences, different personalities, and different fates. Lei Jiayin, who plays Bingkun, has to face so many people, so his performance becomes richer.

This is how I see it, I don't know if you think it makes sense?

  The old man who said Bingkun played the best just now, like seeing reinforcements, said: Look, Bingkun is the best, right?

  However, some people immediately shook their heads and disagreed, still stubbornly holding their own opinions.

Radish and cabbage, each has its own preferences. You say that weasels are fragrant, and he says that hedgehogs are light. Your words and my words will make a mess of porridge.

Many people who passed by here couldn't help but crowd around to see the lively debate here.

  I dare to say that this is the most popular TV series in recent years, and it is also the most popular highlight moment under the vine.

  The crowd dispersed, and I was still sitting under the wisteria and painting.

The weather in early spring is good, it is almost noon and the sun is very warm.

It didn't take much time, the old man who said that Bingkun had a lot of connections just now shot a carbine, walked back, and greeted me.

  I asked him: why are you back?

  He said: I want to talk to you again.

I heard what you said just now. It makes sense. I see that you are a learned person.

  I waved my hands again and again: what knowledge do you have!

However, everyone is willing to listen to what he has to say, and I feel quite at ease when I hear him say this.

  I just want to talk to you about "The World".

This TV series, I really like it, I always wonder, why is it so popular with ordinary people?

  Before I could answer, he gave the answer first: I want to say that it plays the parents of ordinary people, and it is very real. People will naturally connect with themselves after seeing it. In modern words, it is "empathy". There is a "sense of substitution".

what do you say?

  I nodded, wanting to follow his words and say a few words of my own.

Who knows, he didn't allow me to say it, and continued: I have been thinking about it, you said that the average person watched the three children of the Zhou family in the TV series, what are they thinking in their hearts?

Only then did people have such a strong interest to experience the joys and sorrows with the three children of the Zhou family, as if they really lived through the rough and tumbled days together for more than 50 years?

  This time, I didn't talk to me, I understood, he didn't really want to hear me, he already had the answer in his heart, he killed a carbine because he wanted to find a bosom friend and spit it out.

In the Temple of Heaven, I have met a lot of such people. The more I meet by chance, the more I can pour out my heart.

Maybe this is the mysterious side of interpersonal communication, or the logic of meeting by chance!

  I waited for him to say it himself.

However, he did not say anything classified or advanced.

He just said: From Bingkun, people entrusted with the wish of being a good person and rewarding hardships; from Zhou Rong, they entrusted their consistent longing for talent and knowledge; from Bingyi, they entrusted the since ancient times to honest officials. of hope.

  Then, he further concluded: the first point is the fate of kindness; the second point is the worship of "the book has its own golden house"; the third point is still looking forward to the appearance of Bao Qingtian.

This is still the continuation of the past, nothing has changed, it is the most primitive and kind.

  When he finished summarizing, I said to him: You summed up really right!

I see that you are really knowledgeable!

These three points have always been the simplest wishes and simplest values ​​of ordinary people.

This has been the case for hundreds of years, no matter how the times have changed, these three points have not changed.

  He nodded and went on to say: That's right!

In the past, ordinary people had no culture, and they basically learned about history and society by listening to storytelling and watching Beijing opera, and associated their own life and emotions.

Storytelling and what is said and performed in old operas are also the things that the common people are most concerned about.

Later, storytelling and Beijing opera were no longer enough, and fewer people listened and read, and novels became popular.

At that time, a piece of "Class Teacher" was very expensive in Luoyang and became popular all over the country.

Now people read less novels, don't they all watch TV series?

So, the TV show is awesome!

TV dramas are storytelling and Beijing opera in the early years, don't you think?

  After chatting happily, he said goodbye to me and went home for lunch.

  When we parted, I learned that he was one year younger than me and belonged to the third class.

In the third class, during the “Going to the Mountains to the Countryside Movement”, many people went to jump in line all over the country, and a small number of them stayed in Beijing and became teachers or workers.

Some classmates from our school stayed in the city to work as workers, or went to the outer suburbs to work as primary school teachers.

He is a primary school teacher in Huairou, teaching Chinese.

After smashing the "Gang of Four", he was transferred back to a small school in the city, went to Yee University again, became the vice-principal, and worked until retirement.

  Xiao Fuxing