"Having to live with this guilt of being a murderer is the worst punishment."

With these words, a dentist from Westensee accused of triple murder confessed to the deeds in a letter to a former friend.

The chairman of the Kiel jury, before which the accused has to answer for insidious murders for base motives, read the letter on Tuesday during the main hearing.

The letter said, "It was definitely not my life's wish to hit my own wife back and shoot three people."

The accused had previously remained silent, also on the advice of his defense attorneys.

According to the chairman, the girlfriend had sent the 48-year-old a bouquet of flowers to the cell.

As the chairman Jörg Brommann read on the fifth day of the hearing, the accused wrote that it was "very bad" for him to find out in the courtroom "the pain I caused the bereaved".

His lawyers had strongly advised him not to speak out in the process.

But he has “nothing left to lose.

The last thing I have left is the honor of myself.”

A household help from the wife had previously testified that the 43-year-old was afraid her husband would shoot her.

"She said he kills her," the 53-year-old recalled.

Shortly before the murders, surveillance cameras were installed around the house.

The witness described the husband as a man "with two faces", "on the one hand courteous, hospitable, kind and polite".

Then again "as if changed, totally pissed off".

Then you saw something in his eyes.

The wife and mother of four had separated from her husband after infidelities and violence and met a new man.

The dentist is accused of having shot and killed her and her new acquaintance in Dänischenhagen on May 19, 2021 and then in Kiel a mutual acquaintance of the couple.