March 8, 2022

Tinder scammer got scammed

Simon Hayut, “The Tinder Scammer” who calls himself Leviev, has tasted his own poison!

While seeking Instagram certification, he was scammed, sources tell TMZ.

A verified account belonging to a woman would have indeed contacted him, in order to explain to him that she could have him and his girlfriend certified, through her companion, who works for Meta.

The young man would then have contacted the man in question, who would have been in an office full of employees, giving an air of confidence.

The convinced Tinder scammer then transferred $6,664 to him in two Paypal payments.

Sniffing all the same, he contacted Meta, who claimed not to charge for the certifications.

He then completely deleted his accounts… thus letting his scammers go with his money.

A kind of poetic justice, in short...

Pamela Anderson will make her Broadway debut in 'Chicago'

Dua Lipa is once again accused of plagiarism

Dua Lipa has been accused of plagiarism for her single



Two songwriters claim that the singer copied their 1979 and 1980 songs,

Wiggle and Giggle All Night

, and

Don Diablo


“The defendants


and vanished the intellectual property of the plaintiffs.

Plaintiffs sue so that defendants cannot avoid their willful infringement.

The signature melody is the most listened to and recognizable part of infringing works and plays a crucial role in their popularity… Because video creators frequently truncate already brief sound clips on TikTok, the signature melody often comprises fifty percent or more of these viral videos,” attorneys for L. Russell Brown and Sandy Linzer claim, according to Billboard.

Dua Lipa has already been accused of plagiarism on this track: a few days ago, the reggae group Artikal Sound System accused her of having plagiarized their song

Live Your Life

, released in 2017.


Ed Sheeran defends himself of plagiarism in front of the British justice


Angèle, Juliette Armanet, Clara Luciani, Dua Lipa… Is there a curse of the second album?

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