(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Shaanxi has reported a total of 17 local confirmed cases and at least three generations of transmission have occurred

  China News Service, Xi'an, March 8 (Reporter Alina) The reporter learned from the official press conference held in Shaanxi on the 8th that since the first local epidemic was reported in Xi'an, Shaanxi on the 5th, as of 8:00 on the 8th, the province has reported a cumulative number of confirmed cases. 17 cases.

In addition, as of 12:00 on the same day, there are still 6 cases of initial screening positive to be reviewed.

  Zhang Yi, director of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Institute of the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced that 17 confirmed cases in the current round of the epidemic in the province were close contacts and sub-close contacts of an infected person from another province, and 2 of them came to Shaanxi on the same flight. 13 cases were infected because they were in close contact with restaurants and hotels with them, and then spread to 2 family members. Dining together has become the main mode of transmission of this round of epidemics, and restaurants have become the main transmission sites.

  It is understood that at 12:00 on the 8th, 4,922 people in close contact and 11,791 people in sub-close contact have been controlled and controlled in Shaanxi Province.

At present, Xi'an City has designated 8 medium-risk areas, and the city has closed (managed) 201 high-risk places with a total of 85,889 people.

Among the 17 confirmed cases, 15 were in Xi'an, 1 in Baoji, and 1 in Hanzhong.

Among them, 16 cases were mild and 1 case was common.

  Ma Guanghui, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Health and Health Commission, introduced that the first and second cases of the current round of the epidemic in the province were people who traveled from other provinces to Xi'an on the same flight on the 1st. BA.2 evolutionary branch.

  "Although the source and chain of transmission of the current round of epidemic in our province are relatively clear, the evolutionary branch of the BA.2 variant of the Omicron variant strain spreads faster and has stronger infectivity. Since the first case was reported, at least Three generations of transmission, and spread to Xi'an, Baoji, Hanzhong and Shanxi Province in our province, the risk of subsequent cluster epidemics is high, and the task of prevention and control is very arduous." Ma Guanghui said.

  It is understood that Baoji City's indoor scenic spots, cinemas, theaters, Internet cafes, bars and various closed leisure and entertainment venues will all be suspended.

Shaanxi History Museum, Xi'an Stele Forest Museum, Xi'an Qinglong Temple Site Scenic Spot, etc. in Xi'an are currently suspended; Shaanxi Provincial Library, Shaanxi Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, etc. will also be suspended from tomorrow.

  In addition, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and kindergartens in the four districts of Baoji City are temporarily suspended from attending school, and home-based online teaching is implemented; all kinds of off-campus training institutions are closed; go out.