"International Women's Day" tops "Twitter"... and men tweet: "Every year, you are the soft power of society."

The hashtag #InternationalWomensDay, the social networking site "Twitter", was issued in both Arabic and English, on the occasion of International Women's Day, which falls on March 8 of each year, and which carries, this year, the slogan "Breaking the Bias" #BreakingTheBias.

The tag was shared by hundreds of tweeters, both women and men, to celebrate this occasion, and to express the importance of the role of women in society at various levels.

Tweeters from men congratulated the woman on her day, noting that she is the permanent source of strength, giving, and support, and one of them said: “Feel your greatness for being a woman every day and you are inspired, ambitious, strong and accomplished every year and you are the foundation of society.”

Another said: "Being a woman, you should know that you are heaven, that you are half life, and a drop of rain for a barren land, and that you are the source of strength and giving to every man.. Happy New Year."

Tweeters described women as "soft power" that gave the world feelings, giving and love, and one of the tweeters said: "Thank you to those who gave the universe life, feelings and love... you are soft power."

Another said: "Women are that soft and solid force that stands on which the entire society is built. It is not half of society, but the entire society... Happy New Year."

Tweeters also returned to the mother, wife and daughters, with a message of love and affection, and one of them said: "Women are all of society... all appreciation and pride for her on #International Women_Day... she is the mother, wife, daughter and sister... God preserves them."

Another said: "On this day, I only remember my mother.. Good morning, my mother. Good morning, my country.. The bird asked me about my dream. I told him I saw you.. and my joy, where were you without you or a human being."

Tweeters circulated a saying about one of them when asked, "Who is behind you?"

Pointing out that behind every great man is a woman, to answer: "Behind every great man is a woman, who is behind you? He replied: If you want the truth, they are all ahead and we run after them."

For their part, tweeters shared the hashtag, with motivational phrases for women, in support of them in different parts of the world, in different shapes, colors and work, and one of them said: "Good morning to every woman on the face of the earth of different colours, nationality and shape... Happy New Year on your International Day." #InternationalWomensDay is not just one day, but all days are for you, you are the complementary part of this world, and without you the wheel of life is disrupted, every year and life elevates you and your presence, and every year and the days surround you with what you love and deserve.

Another said: "You are wonderful, you can do whatever you want, you will become what you want, despite all these obstacles, you will definitely succeed, you will overcome difficulties, and deter all your fears, do not give up, do not despair, try and do your best that life belongs to you, do not forget that life belongs to you, Make it as you imagine."

Tweeters also expressed their pride in the position that women have reached around the world, and one of them said: "We are proud and proud of the position that women have reached today around the world... your day is happy and your years are full of achievements and satisfaction."