On the evening of March 3, "Moving China 2021 Person of the Year" was announced.

What's special this year is that a person from the entertainment industry was selected. She is Chen Beier, a hostess from TVB in Hong Kong, China, whose ancestral home is Puning.

The reason why it is special is that in the past 20 years, few people in the entertainment industry have been elected as "moving Chinese figures".

In 2012, singer Han Hong was shortlisted for moving China candidates by virtue of her public welfare volunteer status.

  "Turn from the jungle of neon lights and get your feet covered in dirt. From rainforest to desert, zipline through prejudice, use steel ladder to transcend doubt. An endless road, sending the smiles of your compatriots to the world, you record this era The most beautiful scenery."

  ——From entertainment anchors to moving Chinese characters, how did Chen Beier do it?

  Belle Chen is the first female anchor in Hong Kong to interview international events such as the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival.

She is a well-known host in TVB, and has also appeared in film and television works such as "Re-Creation".

  At the end of last year, a poverty alleviation documentary "Infinite Road" was accidentally spread by many netizens in the circle of friends.

In the film, Chen Beier's team of 5 people used their feet to cross 14 areas that were once in deep poverty, and told the story of poverty alleviation in the Mainland, which caused great repercussions in Hong Kong. 9.5 high score.

"Infinite Road" made Chen Beier quickly popular in the mainland.

The General Office of the State Administration of Radio and Television announced the excellent overseas communication works in 2021, and "Infinite Road" became one of the 20 "excellent overseas communication" works in 2021.

  The special feature of "Infinite Road" is of course its Hong Kong people's perspective and dissemination value, which deeply moved Hong Kong netizens: "It turns out that we have achieved such a great and amazing development achievement", and it also tells about the national poverty alleviation policy. In addition, it presents a lot of humanistic customs in a more "down-to-earth" manner.

  There are more than 2,500 steps to climb to the cliff village, the abyss is at the foot, zipline above the roaring river, and the pain of altitude sickness at an altitude of 4,000 meters. pay.

In this sense, Chen Beier, who is an entertainment anchor, is commendable for her sensitivity to the society and her spirit of seeking truth.

  Talking about the original intention of filming this film, Chen Beier admitted that the goal of the United Nations is to eliminate poverty by 2030, but China completed this goal 10 years ahead of schedule.

In Hong Kong, many Western media have questioned this achievement.

Chen Beier felt that as a media person, instead of fighting with those who doubted, it is better to use practice to convince the other party.

  In the current film and television works, novices in the workplace who live in big houses, "overbearing presidents" or urban white-collar workers who are troubled by marital and emotional problems, seem to no longer truly experience the sufferings of the world.

Happily, the realist tradition keeps returning.

The poverty alleviation theme "Shan Hai Qing" starred by well-known actors "disgraced" shocked the audience at once.

"The World", which reflects the changes of the times from the perspective of civilians, caused many audiences to cry.

  When discussing the issue of the gradual disappearance of the image of laborers in current films, scholar Dai Jinhua said, "When living in a house has become a reality today, when we can really live in a house safely, freely, autonomously, and by ourselves, Can we feel that the reason why we can stay home is because there are countless laborers running in the streets, fields, and the outside world; can we feel them, can we once again realize that it is they who support Our lives, this is important. We have to clothe and eat, and these are created by material laborers. So, the problems caused by this lack are serious, and hopefully the power to change.”

  The documentary "Infinite Road" goes deep into those areas that were once impoverished, pays attention to the changes in the lives of laborers, and fills in the missing parts of film and television works. Its significance is self-evident.

In the first episode, the shooting team came to Xihaigu on the Loess Plateau, which was rated as the most uninhabitable area on earth by the United Nations Food Programme in 1972.

Since the country has vigorously promoted the poverty alleviation cooperation between the east and the west, a large number of agricultural experts have formed a research team to come to Xihaigu to help local farmers achieve poverty alleviation.

  What impressed the audience was that throughout the documentary, Chen Beier did not deliberately hide his true inner feelings.

She was afraid, worried, had been supported, carried on her back, and even hospitalized due to altitude sickness, but she didn't want to hide it, because she believed that this was a normal person's reaction. The insignificance in front of nature, not hypocrisy, the truest stories are the most convincing.

  Chen Beier said that she was the one who was moved.

"I may have gone to international film festivals and fashion weeks before, but this time I went deep into our country and saw many amazing people. I was very moved by their tenacious spirit and tenacious vitality when they encountered difficulties. Yes. For me, they are all unsung heroes, real big names." She also said that she is working on the brother and sister chapters of "Infinite Road".

In fact, she also filmed the documentary "The Road to Inheritance" focusing on intangible cultural heritage.

Jing Yidan sighed and said: "Infinite Road is really a good name, it can be filmed for a lifetime, and it is not only black eyes, but also blue eyes that pay attention to this show. Let's pay attention to our China's Infinite Road together."

  "Moving China" inspires the audience with the most touching and touching characters in the past year, and sets an idol and example for the strugglers of the new era.

Chen Beier's story tells everyone that there are many possibilities in life. It brings a typical case of media people finding a career perspective that fits the pain points of the times. It also inspires everyone to interpret their own wonderfulness on the stage of "struggling for China".

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhang Nan