Mr S. likes to talk about himself, and it sounds like this: “I live in a spacious room.

I have a large office and also have a neat home office.

I'm ambitious.

I lead a dynamic team.

I think all my employees are good, but not too good.

I make sure no one is noticed for a better performance than what I do.

I always have the latest iPhone and drive a Tesla as a company car.

I like talking about sustainability.

I am well acquainted with the big names in my industry and have excellent connections.

Ursula Kals

Editor in business, responsible for "Youth writes".

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I like to inform other people that I am doing so well and that I am such a fine, successful person.

I make sure to be online regularly, posting and tweeting, it makes me feel alive.

I feel particularly exhilarated when I get a lot of likes for it.

I score there with my projects.

I like to announce this when I have created great things.

I don't believe in this mindfulness nonsense.

I think even less of wasting my time thinking about questions of meaning.

I was outraged when someone dared to attest to my narcissistic tendencies.

I threatened to take legal action against it.

I felt strong afterwards.

I protest against all this emotionally twisted LGBTQ climate gender quota quark.

I think nothing, nothing at all, of dealing with such peripheral issues.

I find that distracts me from making money and building a career.

My life is beautiful, my life is great, it suits me.

Only sometimes, I can no longer hear myself speak and I want to switch everything off.

Just how?”

In the "Nine to five" column, weekly changing authors write about the curiosities of everyday life at work, school and university.