[Explanation] A few days ago, in Lujiaya Village, Jinya Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, in a greenhouse of a plateau summer vegetable planting base covering an area of ​​50 acres, assembly-line vegetable workers are skilled in raising seedlings.

The base was built by the local resident Lu Jinhuan and his wife. In order to ensure the quality of the dishes, the couple was busy back and forth in several greenhouses, guiding the villagers from time to time.

  Lu Jinhuan introduced to reporters that although he now operates a planting base, he was actually a vegetable seller 20 years ago. After marrying a wife, he had more business partners. The two take turns driving the truck.

  [Same period] Lu Jinhuan, a plateau summer vegetable grower in Lujiaya Village, Jinya Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

  Almost every morning I get up at four o'clock, and I come back at one or two o'clock in the evening. It's been like this every day for more than ten years.

  [Explanation] Yuzhong County is the birthplace and main production area of ​​Lanzhou Plateau summer vegetables. The local area has been identified as a production base by the "vegetable basket" work office of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Lu Jinhuan, who has been in business for many years, is optimistic about this development "money" scene. Then he and his wife discussed the transfer of land to build a greenhouse.

  [Same period] Lu Jinhuan, a plateau summer vegetable grower in Lujiaya Village, Jinya Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

  I didn’t know what to plant when the greenhouse was built. The village organization went to the countryside to study, and I went to Gannong University (Gansu Agricultural University) to study. I went to learn how to cultivate celery seedlings, and when I came back, I planted celery seedlings.

My wife and I support everything I do. No one grows celery when I don’t do it. In recent years, we have grown a lot in our village, which mainly affects the surrounding people.

  [Commentary] Lu Jinhuan, who is taciturn and calm, is suitable for making big decisions at home, while his wife Zhang Caixia has a completely different personality and is good at communication. She is also mostly dealing with business contacts. The two have complementary personalities. Promoting them to be each other's "best partners".

  [Concurrent] Lu Jinhuan's wife Zhang Caixia

  On mobile phones, short videos, and books, we learn about seedlings, celery, and broccoli. The daily output can reach more than 200,000 kilograms. All of them are pulled to the cold storage for direct processing, and then sent directly to Guangzhou, Humen, Shantou, they send to Fujian, Shenzhen, and export.

  [Explanation] Today, Lu Jinhuan and his wife employ an average of 60 people per day, and look forward to further expanding the scale of planting, so that more people can benefit from plateau summer vegetables.

  Lu Kongchang, secretary of the Party branch of Lujiaya Village, said that, thanks to the drive of Lu Jinhuan and his wife, 80% of the villagers' income is related to the cultivation of plateau summer vegetables.

  [Concurrent] Lu Kongchang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Lujiaya Village, Jinya Town, Yuzhong County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

  Through their construction of greenhouses and seedlings, the labor export of our surplus labor force is driven. Another system is through seedling raising, production, and planting. He also has his own vegetable bank, which dispels farmers' concerns about sales.

  [Explanation] Lujiaya Village is only a microcosm of the cultivation of plateau summer vegetables in Yuzhong. In recent years, the county has arranged reasonable vegetable sowing dates and listed them in stages to make up for the supply gap of summer vegetables in the southern coastal areas. 1.3 million tons of vegetables are exported every year, and more than 60 of them are sold nationwide. cities.

  Reporter Li Yalong Zhang Jing reported from Lanzhou, Gansu

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]