Regarding the third inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine, in Kazamaura Village, Aomori Prefecture, almost all villagers aged 18 and over who wished to receive the vaccine completed the inoculation in 5 days.

Kazamaura Village, which has a population of about 1800, has been inoculating the new corona vaccine for the third time since January, centering on mass inoculation at the village's welfare facilities.

Approximately 100 people were vaccinated on the final day, the 5th.

As a result, almost all villagers over the age of 18 who wish to receive the third dose have been vaccinated.

A man in his thirties who finished the vaccination said, "I am a little relieved because I often meet customers at restaurants. I will continue to take infection control measures such as masks and disinfection." I did.

Hiroshi Tomioka, the mayor of Kazamaura Village, said, "As the number of infected people increases in the surrounding municipalities, many villagers thought that it would be okay if they were infected at any time, so I wondered if they could get the third vaccination without hesitation. I think. "

On the other hand, regarding vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 years, the village has already established a vaccination system, but the time when the desired number of vaccines will be distributed to the village is not yet in place, and vaccination has started. Is to be after next month.