(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong shortens the interval between vaccination against the new crown

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, March 4. The Hong Kong SAR government said on the 4th that after considering the advice of experts, it has decided to shorten the interval between vaccinations for the new crown vaccine, and reduce the interval between the third dose and the second dose from six months to three. Months, Sinovac vaccine and Fubitai vaccine are applicable.

  The SAR government stated that the appointment system for the new crown vaccination program has been improved, and it hopes that citizens of relevant groups will make an appointment for the third dose of the vaccine as soon as possible to protect themselves.

As people aged 60 or above in Hong Kong have a higher risk of severe illness and mortality after infection, they should be given priority to be vaccinated.

  The SAR government also stated that the interval between the first two doses of the Forbidet vaccine for children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 will be shortened from 12 weeks to 8 weeks.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 who have received two doses of Sinovac vaccine should receive a third dose of Sinovac or Fubitai as soon as possible three months after the second dose; Adolescents aged 17 should receive the third dose of Forbidet five months after the second dose, or they can receive the Sinovac vaccine as the third dose according to their personal choice.

  In addition, for immunocompromised children under the age of 12, they can make an appointment to receive a third dose of the vaccine four weeks apart after the first two doses of Sinovac or Forbitx.

Immunocompromised persons aged 12 years or above can make an appointment to receive an additional dose, the fourth dose, three months after the third dose.

  A spokesman for the SAR government said that the current epidemic situation is very serious, and the elderly and schoolchildren are the key targets for vaccination. Currently, community vaccination centers dedicated to taking care of children, adolescents and the elderly have been added to facilitate them to get vaccinated as soon as possible.