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Rigobert Song named Cameroon coach

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Rigobert Song at a press conference in Agadir, January 15, 2018. (Illustrative image) © Pierre René-Worms/RFI

By: Eric Mamruth

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In the summary of Radio football internationale this Tuesday: Rigobert Song, appointed coach of Cameroon in place of Toni Conceiçao!

A new challenge for the former glory of the Lions.

Throwback to an appointment a month before a CDM play-off against Algeria, with our correspondent in Yaoundé Jean Bruno Tagne.

Alain Giresse at the head of the Kosovo selection.

New adventure in the Balkans for the French technician.

The blue legend will be with us to talk about it.


Russia on the bench of world football!

UEFA and FIFA have banned clubs and the national team from all international competitions until further notice.

Radical sporting sanctions that are debated.

Should sport be sanctuarized or not?

What are the consequences for competitions and for Russian players and teams?

To discuss it with Éric Mamruth, our consultants of the day: Marc Libbra, Patrick Juillard and David Lortholary - David Fintzel - Technique/Direction: Laurent Salerno.


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