Regarding priority measures such as prevention of spread of the deadline on March 6, Governor Nishiwaki of Kyoto Prefecture revealed that he requested the government to extend it, and it is necessary to continue requesting restaurants to shorten the time to reduce the number of infected people. I showed the idea.

Priority measures such as prevention of spread to Kyoto are due on the 6th of this month.

Regarding this, Governor Nishiwaki announced on the afternoon of the 1st that he had decided to hold a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters to reporters and request the government to extend the measures, and then requested the Minister in Charge of Japan's new Corona. did.

In this, Governor Nishiwaki said, "There is no doubt that the number of infected people is in a declining phase, but it has remained at a high level with the bed usage rate for inpatients. I need to do it. "

If the measures are extended, the target area will continue to be the entire prefecture unless there is a major change in the government's basic coping policy, and the current measures such as requesting restaurants to shorten business hours are continued. Showed the idea that is necessary.

Regarding the extension period, he reiterated his intention to leave it to the government's judgment, although he said that two to three weeks was appropriate.