Police arrested another TV Asahi reporter on the 1st on suspicion of fraud in a case in which executives of TV Asahi and CEOs of a website production company were arrested for deceiving a national subsidy. I was arrested.

The newly arrested was Akihiro Okuyama (47), who is in charge of news programs at the news program center of the TV Asahi news station.

In this case, the former manager of TV Asahi's sales department and the representative director of a homepage production company in Chuo-ku, Osaka applied for a lie under the national support system to promote the introduction of IT for small and medium-sized enterprises, and subsidized it. He was arrested last month on suspicion of fraud for deceiving 9 million yen.

In a subsequent investigation, Okuyama was arrested on the 1st on suspicion of fraud when he was suspected of cheating a subsidy of 9 million yen with the representative director of a homepage production company in the same manner three years ago. did.

Police have not disclosed their approval or disapproval.

In this case, the prosecution has decided to release the arrested former manager of the sales department on hold and continue the investigation at home.

Regarding the new arrest of the employee, TV Asahi said, "The alleged arrest is considered to be a private act outside the business, and no connection with our business has been confirmed. It is very regrettable that the employee was arrested. Therefore, we will take strict measures after watching the progress of the investigation in the future. "