"There should be no one in the Hanfu circle who doesn't know Dang Dang." "I was attracted by the 'Dangdang' Hanfu blockbusters." "She is a very different character"... If there is a chronology of the revival of Hanfu , Regarding Chengdu, there will be Lv Xiaowei, who founded China's first Hanfu store in 2006, who returned to Han and Tang Dynasties, and there will also be a female photographer who stunned the world by launching the "Travel with Hanfu" campaign online in 2014. .

  When he was a child, he became popular because of Hanfu, and he was also controversial. The oriental photographer with great personality has now put down his camera and returned with the oriental element brand "Xumi Pavilion".

Travel with Hanfu

Taking photos of Hanfu attracts controversy

  The 34-year-old was born in Chengdu, Sichuan.

Recalling the fate entanglement with Hanfu "Three Lives Three Worlds", she was filled with emotion.

In 2014, a friend invited him to Nepal to take a wedding commemorative photo for himself. At that time, he was a little famous in the Hanfu circle. Considering the novelty of the subject matter, he proposed to shoot the theme of Hanfu. Unexpectedly, once the photo was released, it caused a stir in the Hanfu circle. sensation.

Immediately, the "Travel with Hanfu" campaign was launched at the hour.

She took Hanfu to 14 countries and regions including Iceland, Spain and Italy.

  Among them, many Hanfu photo works have become popular.

While the popularity soared at that time, the voices of controversy and criticism also became louder and louder. Some people accused that time of not knowing Hanfu and photography.

In the face of controversy, the Chengdu girl rarely responded.

She still continues to do only one thing, which is to photograph the girl in Hanfu in front of the camera beautifully.

Others can accuse her of not understanding Hanfu and photography, but absolutely no one will say that she does not understand those girls who love beauty.

With the help of the lens of the hour, Hanfu continued to go out of the circle.

  In 2018, Hanfu began to enter a golden period of development, and the sales of Hanfu increased exponentially every day.

"On Douyin, as long as people who want to be Internet celebrities wear Hanfu, they can get countless likes and imitators." At that time, he believed that although Hanfu is one of the carriers of traditional Chinese culture, it is essentially clothes. .

If the Hanfu industry wants to develop, it must accept that some people like Hanfu not for the spread of Hanfu culture, but simply because it looks good.

To revive the Hanfu culture, I only did one thing when I was a child, and that was to tell you with the camera: how to wear a good-looking Hanfu and take a good-looking photo.

From Hanfu to "Oriental Elements"

"Xumi Pavilion" has three ups and downs

  "Xumi Pavilion" is a brand of oriental elements founded at that time.

In 2013, due to the needs of photo shooting, I bought sewing machines and fabrics to make Hanfu when I was a child. I did not expect that the effect of the film was unexpectedly good, and several sets of clothes were sold.

Due to the controversy over the "Travel with Hanfu" campaign, the store was closed at that time.

  In 2016, "Xumi Pavilion" opened again and opened an online store. With the high popularity accumulated by "Traveling with Hanfu", the sales of the store have been good, especially the "Fushi" series is the most praised.

"In that year, the Hanfu industry became popular for customization. Our tailors worked almost like '007', and still could not meet the demand for orders." The hour said that after the double eleven that year, the production of "Xumi Pavilion", which was seriously cut off from supply, was severe. "Have to close the store again.

  At the beginning of 2019, "Xumi Pavilion" opened again.

This time, when the hour can be said to be well prepared.

Through the cooperation with Yuyue Hanfu, the problem of coordination between the front and back ends of the supply chain was solved at the hour.

She also gave "Xumi Pavilion" a brand new positioning - oriental elements.

  "The elements with the mysterious color of China, South Korea, Vietnam and other oriental countries are all oriental elements." In terms of the combination of oriental elements and clothing, the current development focus of "Xumi Pavilion" mainly focuses on pattern research, with "Fuchen Dreams" Take the "People" series as an example, "Xumi Pavilion" will have new patterns every quarter, or use large-area embroidery and embossing.

From "Hanfu" to "Oriental Elements", although "Xumi Pavilion" will still launch traditional Hanfu, the products get rid of the limitations of traditional Hanfu shapes and patterns, and let Dang Xiao be more focused on discovering and spreading "Oriental Beauty".

Participate in Hanfu cultural activities

Whether local brands communicate with each other

  2021 is a year of conflicts and entanglements among practitioners in the Hanfu industry. The trend of Hanfu continues to rise. Hanfu has become the "viewing password" of satellite TV shows, and more and more capital is injected into the Hanfu circle.

  At the same time, a large number of small and medium-sized Hanfu merchants closed due to stagnant sales.

"Don't open an online store, just open a Douyin store." This is the advice she gave to Hanfu start-up brands when she was a child. She said that after the Douyin store of "Xumi Pavilion" opened, the team devoted their energy to Douyin live broadcast. On, customer feedback is particularly good.

This year, she rarely picked up a camera, and "Xumi Pavilion" hardly appeared in large-scale Hanfu cultural events in China.

  "I am still willing to participate in the activities at my doorstep." In August 2021, the 2021 2nd China Chengdu International Hanfu Cultural Event, guided by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television and co-hosted by Chengdu Tourism Investment Group and other units, held a press conference. Set up Hanfu Innovation and Creative Design Competition, 2021 Chengdu Guofeng Wonderful Night, etc.

"Xumi Pavilion" is one of the earliest confirmed participating merchants.

  Sales and brand exposure are no longer the most concerned things when participating in Hanfu cultural activities when they were young.

She also expects that after the epidemic has entered the normalized prevention and control, relevant parties in Chengdu can organize more Hanfu exchange meetings, so that local original brands can communicate with each other and share and exchange experience.

If conditions permit, merchants in the supporting industry chain of Hanfu can also be introduced to organize exchanges and visits.

In fact, the China Chengdu International Hanfu Cultural Activities Organizing Committee is preparing to build the Chengdu Hanfu Industry-University-Research Innovation and Development Alliance. The members of the organization include the Chengdu Garment (Clothing) Industry Association, Fashion Design Colleges, Shu Jin and Shu Embroidery Inheritance (Studio), Hanfu Clothing (clothing) enterprises, cultural tourism related enterprises, etc.

In the future, the "Hanfu Festival" and "Hanfu Week" will surely change from a simple cultural event to an industry event with upstream and downstream linkages.

  Cover reporter Yang Ruiwen