Héloïse Goy, with Alexis Patri 10:57 a.m., February 28, 2022

Journalist Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, who has presented 1 p.m. on TF1 since January 4, 2021, has been absent from the air since the beginning of January 2022. An absence for health reasons which has just been extended, such as the explained Marie-Sophie Lacarrau in a video posted on social networks.

She had taken over from Jean-Pierre Pernaut on the 1 p.m. news on TF1 but, for two months, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau has been absent from the air because of an ophthalmic problem.

TF1 had announced the return of this journalist in February.

Which ultimately was not the case.

On Saturday, the journalist posted a video on Twitter and Instagram in which she gives her news, sunglasses on her nose.

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"I wear sunglasses to protect my eye, which is still fragile", explains the presenter of the midday television news.

"I do not want to dwell on my case. But, to answer all those who are wondering and so that you understand my absence which lasts, know that I suffer from a rare and severe eye infection which requires a long treatment. I'm doing everything to get back as soon as possible."

Jean-Pierre Pernaut also removed from the antenna for health reasons

This infection was caused by his lenses, according to his colleague Jacques Legros who will replace the journalist on the air until at least the end of March.

For the moment, no date has yet been announced for the return of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau to the antenna. 

Your messages are so numerous… THANK YOU for your support which means a lot to me.

Looking forward to seeing you again pic.twitter.com/wCHjaf7GiO

— Marie-Sophie Lacarrau (@MSLacarrau) February 26, 2022

In the TF1 group, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is not the only one to be deprived of antenna for health reasons.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has also been absent from his show on LCI

Jean-Pierre et vous

 since December 17.

The journalist had announced himself to suffer from a second lung cancer which is not operable. 

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is currently undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

The TF1 group assured that he should continue to rest and that he will resume his broadcast upon his return, without giving a date.

This time, LCI has decided not to replace this journalist who embodies this program alone.