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The Complaint Management Mechanism (GMP) of Sama, Burkina Faso

Dao Paul, village chief, president of the Sama Village Development Council.

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By: Sayouba Traore

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A complaint management mechanism is a committee that brings together actors in the livestock sector in a municipality or village.

We have animal health officers who come under the Ministry of Livestock, breeders, local traders, and of course traditional notables.

The role of this MGP is to prevent any conflict that could jeopardize the smooth running of business.


We must ensure land tenure security.

That a villager does not come one day to claim the land on which is built a cattle market, a veterinary post or a slaughterhouse.

Short security.

That an actor does not come to slaughter and sell a stolen animal.

The safety of equipment.

It is a question of ensuring animal health, in order to protect the people who will consume the meat and other by-products of breeding.

The village of Sama is part of the commune of Kouka, in the Boucle du Mouhoun region of Burkina Faso.

As for the commune of Kouka, it includes the capital and 16 other villages.

The area is characterized by land insecurity which mobilizes the populations in protest marches, insecurity simply because of the proximity to the Mali border, and many other problems between inhabitants of the same village.

And it is all this that motivated the establishment of a complaints management mechanism.

Patrick Ouédraogo, head of the Sama Livestock Technical Animation Unit.

© Sayouba Traoré/RFI



Patrick Ouédraogo,

head of the technical breeding unit in Sama.


Dao Paul,

village chief, president of the Sama Village Development Council.

Producer: Sayouba Traore

Directed by: Ewa Piedel

Members of the Sama Village Complaints Management Committee.

© Sayouba Traoré/RFI


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