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Taking advantage of the opening of the agricultural fair and the presidential campaign, the L214 association is increasing the pressure around the subjects of animal abuse and intensive farming.

This time, it is a rabbit farm located in Langoat in the Côtes-d'Armor, described as "one of the biggest in France", which is in the sights of the association.

On video images, we see young rabbits moving in the middle of dead animals, others in agony, piled up or stuck in grids, in this breeding where "3,000 rabbits locked in cramped cages" would give birth to " 200,000 babies every year”.

In addition to the “appalling” living conditions, the association denounces the massive use of antibiotics.

She says she filed a complaint for ill-treatment.

The breeder's response

According to the newspaper


, the breeder in question also filed a complaint on Friday, denouncing an intrusion and the installation of cameras in his farm.

To prove his good faith, he would have

asked the State services to carry out a check on his breeding.


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