China News Service, Lishui, February 27 (Reporter Fan Yubin) The ecological environment status index has ranked first in Zhejiang for 18 consecutive years, the per capita GDP has jumped to the level of 10,000 US dollars, and the income of urban and rural residents has both ranked among the top 50 prefecture-level cities in China ...Looking back at the past five years, Lishui City, located in the mountainous area of ​​southwestern Zhejiang, has driven "getting rich" from "greening up", and then accelerated the realization of "getting rich".

Photo by Fan Yubin, a traditional village in Longquan, Lishui, Zhejiang

  On the road of high-quality development by leaps and bounds, Lishui resolutely adheres to the "Dry of Lishui", constantly expands the new road of high-quality green development, and strives to speed up the high-quality development by leaps and bounds.

Taking ecology as the biggest advantage and development as the most important task, facing the new stage of development, the Lishui Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have made it clear that they must unswervingly take the new road of high-quality green development, and always be the "advanced division" that strives to promote high-quality development by leaps and bounds. Build a new socialist modern Lishui with lucid waters and lush mountains and common prosperity.

  How can lucid waters and lush mountains and common prosperity complement each other?

The next five years will be a critical period for the beginning of Lishui's comprehensive construction of socialist modernization.

At present, Lishui is drawing a new runway for its struggle in the next five years and setting a focus.

  From ecological protection to value transformation

  From opening up a new road of high-quality green development to entering the leap-forward high-quality development of the economy and society, for Lishui, ecology has always been the most important dimension of "inking" the new modern Lishui.

  As a national key ecological function area, an important germination place and a first practice place for the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", sticking to the ecological bottom line is always the basic premise of all work in Lishui, and promoting the optimal ecology to the most beautiful gardens and ecological beauty. The leap of economic value and direct product supply to the output mode, realizing the full transformation of ecological product value and the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, have become the core key to the transformation of Lishui's ecological civilization construction from quantitative to qualitative.

  Lishui knows that a good ecology is the most inclusive people's well-being.

In order to realize the key leap from ecological protection to value transformation, in the next five years, the city will build the most beautiful core area of ​​Zhejiang Great Garden of Poetry and Painting, and create a model of ecological civilization construction in the new era.

  "Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" guides a leap-forward development path for mountainous areas, but how can the word "is" be realized?

In the past five years, Lishui with high-quality green development has made the "ground color" of lucid waters and lush mountains deeper, and the "fineness" of gold and silver mountains.

The city took the lead in promoting the reform of the ecological product value realization mechanism from a pilot pilot to a prior demonstration, and accelerated the creation of a national ecological product value realization mechanism demonstration zone to promote a comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development.

Photo by Fan Yubin, a traditional village in Songyang, Lishui, Zhejiang

  In 2019, Lishui issued the first technical measures for the value accounting of ecological products in prefecture-level cities in China.

Dajun Township in Jingning She Autonomous County is the first township in the country to complete GEP accounting. The relevant person in charge of the township said, "The quantification of green waters and lush mountains through GEP accounting allows us to have a clearer inventory of the green 'home', so as to better land conservation, utilization and development.”

  In order to better protect the most beautiful ecology of "Wanshan Dicui, layered forests dyed, fish flying shallow, and stars twinkling", in the next five years, Lishui will take the construction of a national biodiversity conservation leading area as a way to promote the beautiful butterfly change of the ecological environment. A landmark project, establish a national comprehensive observation station, build a biological germplasm resource base in East China, and create a biodiversity experience place.

At the same time, the integrated protection and restoration project of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes, grass and sand in the headwaters of the Oujiang River will be implemented, and four major ecological corridors will be constructed: the main stream of the Oujiang River, the habitat of the Oujiang River source, the local culture of Songyin Creek, and the Haoxi geological heritage, and the construction of Baishan Mountains. Ancestral National Park Conservation Development Zone.

  "In the next five years, Lishui will focus on opening the channel for the transformation of beautiful ecology into beautiful economy, taking the lead in creating a national demonstration zone for the realization of ecological product value, and promoting a series of major reforms in the field of ecological civilization construction. , to deepen the cross-border integration and innovative development of industries led by 'ecological +'. Focus on improving the new experience of consumption in the big garden, and carry out the action of new consumption leading quality and new life." The relevant person in charge of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee introduced.

  "The rain on the spring road adds flowers, and the flowers move a mountain of spring." This is a moving poem written by Song Dynasty poet Qin Guan in Lishui. Moving towards a modern new Lishui, the beautiful scenery of spring flowers will be reproduced in the land of Chuzhou.

  From factor-driven to innovation-led

  Leap-forward high-quality development is inseparable from the high-level leap from factor-driven to innovation-led.

  "Entering a new stage of development, the marginal driving effect of traditional production factors on economic growth is weakening, and the bottleneck restriction of serious lack of economic growth momentum has become the main aspect of the contradiction facing Lishui's current and future development." The relevant person in charge of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee said that this It is determined that Lishui must take innovation as a new logical starting point for future development, and use the "key variables" of innovation to generate the "maximum increment" of economic development.

  To build a new modern Lishui with vigor and vitality, the city has put forward specific goals - in the next five years, GDP and GEP should achieve "two rapid growths". Yuan, the per capita GDP exceeds 100,000 yuan; the total GEP exceeds 500 billion yuan; the average annual growth rate of fixed asset investment is 15%; the industrial added value doubled in five years; the Southwest Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation Center is basically completed...

  To achieve the above goals, "building a central city in southwestern Zhejiang and creating a new growth pole in the new development pattern of Zhejiang" has become one of the new development paths anchored by Lishui.

  As we all know, the regional growth pole is the best combination of economic take-off and the conditions on which it depends within a certain space.

  The relevant person in charge of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee said, "To build a central city in southwestern Zhejiang is to build a city-led growth pole system driven by innovation, industrial empowerment, infrastructure support, and open development, and to create new growth with surging vitality and distinctive characteristics. pole."

  How will Lishui strengthen the central city and forge the locomotive of the regional growth pole?

It is reported that the city will establish a long-term goal of building a modern city with a population of one million, and implement the expansion and upgrading of the central city.

Promote the integrated development of industry and city, optimize the layout of the functions of each block, gather people to develop business, and strengthen the city with industry.

Iteratively enhances the vitality of the northern city, opens up the atmosphere to build a smart and innovative southern city, and develops the Bihu New City in the future. Through differentiated layout and coordinated development, the high-end agglomeration function and population carrying capacity of the central city will be greatly improved.

Photo by Fan Yubin from Qingtian Village, Lishui, Zhejiang

  At the same time, the city will strengthen technological innovation and create a strong engine for regional growth.

  "Lishui needs to build high-standard international innovation talents special zone, Southwest Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park and other major science and technology innovation platforms, establish 3 graduate schools and research institutes, and implement a new round of 'double growth' plan for science and technology enterprises. Introduce more new R&D institutions." The relevant person in charge of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee said that Lishui will achieve zero breakthroughs in national high-tech zones, technology incubators, and scientific and technological awards through five-year efforts, and basically build a regional innovation system in southwest Zhejiang.

  The good ecology of Lishui gradually "lives" and harvests more and more green "dividends".

In 2021, the Asian headquarters of the pharmaceutical system of the German-funded enterprise SCHOTT Group and the second phase of the pharmaceutical packaging project will be settled in Jinyun, Lishui.

A relevant person in charge of SCHOTT Group said, "We not only carefully inspected Jinyun's climate, air quality and other ecological factors, but also conducted a systematic soil test and comprehensively monitored the soil 20 meters underground. After comparing several cities, we finally chose to build a factory in Jinyun, which has related industries and excellent ecological environment."

  Facing the future, Lishui's construction as a central city in southwestern Zhejiang will focus on strengthening the ecological industry and enhancing the main driving force of the regional growth pole.

The city will strengthen the five leading industries of semiconductor full chain, precision manufacturing, health medicine, fashion industry, and digital economy, and build 1 industrial cluster of 100 billion level, 5 50 billion level, and 10 more than 10 billion level industrial clusters. The leap-forward development drives the economic take-off of the city.

  In the next five years, Lishui will become a regional growth pole city, a city embracing youth, and a city full of youthful vitality. Talents will grow in Lishui following their dreams, and the flowers of innovation will bloom in Lishui.

Photo by Fan Yubin of Jiulong National Wetland Park in Lishui, Zhejiang

  From comprehensive well-off to common prosperity

  From comprehensive well-off to common prosperity, it is becoming a change in China's development goals.

For every city, in order to achieve the essential leap from comprehensive well-off to common prosperity, the premise is to "recognize the reality", and the second is to "find the path".

  Without exception, Lishui has made continuous progress on the basis of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and has entered a new stage of building socialist modernization in an all-round way and creating a prosperous and beautiful life for the people.

  In the opinion of the relevant person in charge of the Lishui Municipal Party Committee, "Although Lishui has built a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the foundation for accelerated development is not yet solid, which determines that Lishui promotes the realization of common prosperity and must focus more on the problem of unbalanced and insufficient development in order to solve the three major gaps. The problem is the main direction of attack, and high-quality development by leaps and bounds is used as the means and path to fully promote higher-quality, more balanced, and more sustainable economic and social development, so as to better promote the all-round development of people and the common prosperity of all people."

  Taking advantage of Zhejiang's high-quality development and construction of a demonstration zone for common prosperity, Lishui, as an important member of it, is conforming to the people's new expectations for a better life and creating a mountain model for common prosperity and a beautiful society.

Photo by Fan Yubin, Jingning She Township, Lishui, Zhejiang

  A large number of immigrants from the reservoir area of ​​Tankeng Hydropower Station have been resettled in Guantang and Qiaozhong communities of Youzhu Street, Qingtian, Lishui. When talking about common prosperity, Chen Jianjun, director of the Immigration Office of Youzhu Street, said: "On the road of Gongfu, there can be no less than one, and the cake will be bigger." 'It is very important that we have realized the continuous growth of the collective economy of the community through Shanhai cooperation. The Shanhai Cooperation enclave project invested by Guantang and Qiaozhong communities can receive 160,000 yuan in dividends every year, of which 70% of the dividends directly benefit immigrant groups. "

  In the next five years, Lishui will have a new goal of promoting mutual wealth - the growth rate of urban and rural residents' income will remain at the forefront of Zhejiang Province; the scale of the middle-income group will continue to expand, and the proportion of households with an annual disposable income of 100,000 to 500,000 yuan exceeds 70%; Income The per capita disposable income of rural households will increase by 15% annually; basically realize the high-quality sharing of public services in the whole life cycle of people...

  From vision to reality, Lishui has drawn 4 runways: committed to increasing income and enriching the people and promoting a prosperous and prosperous life; committed to cultivating the people and promoting spiritual self-confidence and self-improvement; committed to serving the people and promoting universal and inclusive public services; Harmony and harmony.

  Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood, and income is the source of people's livelihood.

Focusing on "increasing income and enriching the people", Lishui will implement a plan to multiply the middle-income group, promote the coordinated linkage of industrial policies and employment policies, and create more jobs by relying on industrial parks, small and micro enterprise parks, and e-commerce entrepreneurial parks to increase the number of start-ups. and small and micro entities; implement the "Green Valley Craftsman" project in the new era, and carry out the action to enhance the ability of 100,000 skilled people to grow together; implement a new round of income doubling plans for low-income groups, and innovate industries, projects, technology, finance, etc. More support measures should be taken to promote low-income people who are able to work to achieve stable income growth through self-development.

  On the road to prosperity, spiritual wealth is indispensable.

In fact, Lishui has been a cultural citizen for many years, taking action first and looking for a way to break through.

In the next five years, the city will implement the red gene generation project to build a national demonstration area for the integration of red culture and green development; carry out the "Derun Chuzhou" action, build "good deeds Lishui", "honest Lishui" and "literary Lishui", and build excellent The traditional culture protection and inheritance demonstration area, implement the public cultural service improvement project, the cultural industry multiplication project, build an international photography city, and cultivate five tens of billions of cultural industry clusters such as sword porcelain, stone carving, and wooden toys.

  In terms of "serving and benefiting the people" that is related to people's livelihood, Lishui will make greater efforts to promote the quality of education; implement the plan to improve the quality of medical resources; improve the multi-level social security system, and do a good job in childcare, pension, disability assistance, housing and other foundations People's livelihood, improve the long-term mechanism of running practical affairs for the people, and deepen the market-oriented reform of public services.

  To increase the happiness of the people of Lishui, the city will also focus on "governance and safety of the people", carry out the demonstration and creation of the modernization of social governance in the city, and promote the modernization of the city's governance system and governance capabilities; implement the Ping An Lishui 2025 Action Outline, and systematically build a closed-loop risk management and control Great Ping An mechanism , improve social security prevention, natural disaster prevention and grassroots emergency management systems, create a safe Zhejiang demonstration area, and build the safest city in the country.

  The future can be expected by resolutely pursuing the "dry of Lishui" and building a new socialist modern Lishui in an all-round way with lucid waters and lush mountains and common prosperity.