• The 47th Cesar ceremony was held on Friday February 25 at L'Olympia in Paris.

  • Lost Illusions

    received seven statuettes and



  • The evening was marked by boredom, a bad taste happening, and especially with a great moment of emotion during Xavier Dolan's tribute to Gaspard Ulliel.

“The room oscillates between pleasure and discomfort”, stated a voice-over, when presenting the prize for the original screenplay.

We saw little pleasure and more discomfort on Friday evening, during the 47th Cesar ceremony which took place at L'Olympia.

If you do not have the courage to impose the replay on yourself – we understand you – here is what you need to know about this edition.

No kidding

The audience looked serious.

Is it because, as master of ceremonies Antoine de Caunes recalled at the opening, a war is raging "three hours from Paris", the small world of French cinema seemed to apologize for being there, in uniform evening?

The conflict in Ukraine was mentioned very little in the speeches – it was in those of director Vincent Maël Cardona, actress Cate Blanchett and editor Nelly Quettier – but was it so as not to appear trivial that the laughter was so muted?

Or because the masks covered all the shards?

Maybe you don't have to look too far: nothing was really funny.

Franck Gastambide reading the speech that Carole Bouquet should have delivered?

Agreed, this art of shifting worked.

But faltered over time.

The Palmashow playing special effects live, not bad, but not transcendent.

A special mention all the same to Valérie Lemercier, winner of the César for best actress, capable of cheering us up, but after midnight, by evoking

Deals concluded

and his next film: “on the story of Martine Aubry”.

Marie's ass seeps

The evening hadn't started for half an hour when a young woman in an evening dress appeared on the stage who had no business being there.

A priori.

Her name ?

Mary infiltrates.

His goal: to show his behind.

And pay homage to “cul-ture” by making “ass” rhymes.

Then make a declaration of love to Louis Garrel as if we were still in 2008. A failed, embarrassing happening, but the worst thing is that it was one of the rare moments with a few bumps.

Tears of Xavier Dolan

If there was only one image to keep from this edition, it would be Xavier Dolan's tribute to Gaspard Ulliel.

The French actor died at 37, a month ago.

The Canadian director, who directed him in

Just the End of the World

, honored his memory by reading a letter, sometimes stumbling with emotion over the words, tears impossible to hold back.

Gaspard “would have hated this type of praise.

He would have perceived in this glorification, a lack of elegance.

And he was very elegant, ”said the Quebecer.

And to add: “It’s a whole world who cried Gaspard.

It's a whole world that still mourns him.

In the room, there was grief.

Thank you Xavier Dolan for this tribute to Gaspard Ulliel 🤍 #César2022 pic.twitter.com/XxsK3FFlaW

– CANAL+ (@canalplus) February 25, 2022

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A speech !

A speech !

In the significant acknowledgments, let's dig here and there.

The "Shut up, now!"

» (in French in the text) by Cate Blanchett having fun ending the ovation addressed to him for his Honorary Cesar, or the nervous laughter of Vincent Lacoste, best actor in a supporting role for

Lost Illusion

, capital sympathy at its peak.

There was also the César for Best Actress in a Best Supporting Role awarded to a non-professional actress – or at least not yet, because she exercises her profession as a caregiver – Aissatou Diallo Sagna for

La Fracture


Also the dance steps of Benoît Magimel, crowned best actor for

In his lifetime


A way to trample those who judge his career dying?

Arthur Harari, César for best original screenplay, castigated the streaming platforms.

A rant too, with Jean-Charles Ostorero, producer of the Summit of the Gods, César for the best animated film.

He was one of the only ones to whom we tried to cut the floor because of lengthy thanks.

Caroline Vié, film journalist for

20 Minutes

was boiling behind the scenes: “Antoine de Caunes' lack of respect for this team scandalizes me!


And the prize list in all this?

These 47th Césars saw films directed by men triumph: 

Lost Illusions

by Xavier Giannoli, seven statuettes including best film and best adaptation, and


, by Leos Carax, five trophies including best director.

These are the only two feature films to have received more than one compression.

The “film of good men”,

Bac Nord

, left empty-handed despite its seven nominations.


also left Olympua with nothing, but it's not really a surprise: with only four citations on the counter, the Palme d'or 2021 did not appear to be the darling of voters.

The Event

by Audrey Diwan was rewarded through its main actress, Anamaria Vartolomei – but we expected more.

This film, which received the Golden Lion at Venice last year, had established itself as one of the cinematic peaks of the past months.


Relive the 47th edition of the Césars, reward by reward

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