This month, at Ogaki Station on the Yoro Railway in Gifu Prefecture, a station employee complained that a man had been cut with a knife, and police interrupted the station's operations for giving false testimony. I was arrested on suspicion of doing so.

The person arrested was Seiji Ujihara (32) of Oi, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture.

According to the police, on the 14th of this month, at Ogaki Station on the "Yoro Railway" where he works, he testified that he had been cut with a knife by a man, and he was suspected of obstructing the business of the station. ..

A staff member said that he had a slight injury to his left arm and said, "The man was suddenly cut in the break room of the station and the man escaped." It means that he was arrested on the day.

According to the police, the police are investigating the motivation etc. because they admit the suspicion to the investigation.