• It has now been five weeks since Jean-Jacques Savin gave any sign of life.

    He was trying to row across the Atlantic.

  • Today, there is “very little hope” of finding him.

    His relatives are now waiting for the declaration of his death to try to move forward and pay tribute to him.

  • The commune of Arès where he was from is considering giving his name to a public place or erecting a stele in his memory.

As often in this kind of situation, the wait seems long, very long even for relatives.

It has now been five weeks since Jean-Jacques Savin, 75, disappeared off the island of Madeira.

The adventurer, from Arès in Gironde, has not given any sign of life since the night of January 20 to 21, he then triggered his two distress beacons and indicated that he was "in great difficulty" aboard his canoe. 

The Audacious 

with which he was trying to row across the Atlantic after having achieved the feat of doing it in a barrel in 2019.

Since then, his boat has been found, returned, and his identity papers have been discovered by a merchant ship.

The Bordeaux prosecutor's office opened "an investigation for worrying disappearance" after the (rapid) announcement by the Portuguese navy of the end of the search.

Today, Xavier Daney, the mayor of Arès, admits "there is very little hope of finding him alive and even unfortunately of finding his body in the open sea".

The city councilor continues to "do the buffer" with the relatives of Jean-Jacques Savin, including his daughter and his companion, who do not wish to speak for the moment.

His relatives are waiting for the declaration of death to “move forward”

Meanwhile, the investigation continues between France and Portugal with the hope for the entourage of the adventurer that it does not last months and months.

“We have to be able to move forward”, explains Xavier Daney while the family and friends of Jean-Jacques Savin are now awaiting the declaration of death.

"They all want it to happen quickly enough, not to turn the page because it's impossible after such a tragedy, but to enter another period," continues the chosen one.

That of mourning.

For that, you have to turn to the parquet floor of Bordeaux.

When the investigation is closed, the file will be transmitted to the high court.

The competent judge must then be seized by the public prosecutor or the interested parties in order to obtain the declaration of death.

Many tributes in preparation

In the meantime, the emotion remains strong in Ares.

Many knew the former soldier.

Several tributes are in preparation and should be worthy of the adventurer's exploits.

“The town will honor him with his family, says Xavier Daney, this will be done in total agreement with his daughter.

But, it is not yet planned for immediately.

You have to let time do its thing.

We are thinking about the best possible tribute.

The town hall plans to give his name to a place in the town or to erect a stele in memory of Jean-Jacques Savin.


Rowing across the Atlantic: What do we know about Jean-Jacques Savin's disappearance at sea?


Rowing across the Atlantic: The body of the French adventurer not found, indicates the Portuguese navy

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