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between the passage of time

Welcome to "Filling Warehouse"

It is also a Chinese folk festival

Drawing: Lei Yuzhu

Generally speaking

The Warehouse Filling Festival is the twenty-fifth of the first lunar month every year

So what kind of "storage" is filled in the Warehouse Filling Festival?

this day

It is a festival that symbolizes the abundance of grains in the new year.

Because "fill" and "tian" are homophonic

Also known as "Tiancang Festival"

In some places, lights are lit at night to worship the god of kura.

Lights should be installed in places related to food

Commonly known as "Light the lamp and burn the incense all over the place"

Every family fills the warehouse with grain"

Data map: Harvest corn is drying in the courtyard of the homestay.

Photo by China News Service reporter Li Jun

There are different opinions on "filling the warehouse"

For example, to eat enough for the day

That way you won't go hungry for a year

will have a good time

Folklore expert Wang Juan introduced

Filling the warehouse festival means praying for a good year

It's a ceremonial holiday

People prepare offerings to the god of kura

make a variety of cakes

In the past, every filling festival

People use grass ash in the morning

Draw the shape of the granary in the courtyard

Then in the painted food hoard

Sprinkle with whole grains

Symbol of "granary full"


In some places, steamed buns

Because swallows eat pests

Make the cake in the shape of a swallow

Means repelling insects

to protect food

Data map: Bread.

Photo by Su Yan

Some people make steamed buns

Served with different fillings such as bean paste

The shape is shaped into a cute shape

The steamed buns are very nice

Can be called handicraft

Different ways to steam food

but have similar wishes

All to pray for good weather

Data map: The people drew a large harvest map with mountain goods and grains.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wang Zhongju

Food is full, food and clothing are abundant

Or throw a feast on this day

Prepare some delicious meat

people eat as much as they can

take an auspicious meaning

It indicates that the granary will be full.

some people

Eat dumplings or zygote on this day

Eating dumplings is "filling the warehouse"

Eating zygotes is called "Gaicang"

Hope for a good harvest next year

Grain fills the barn

Data map: The staff drove the harvesting cart to harvest in the golden rice fields.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yang Bo


Also carefully clean the courtyard walls

Sweep away insects to prevent infestation

Pray for a good harvest and prosperity

From the point of view of folklore

Filling the warehouse festival pays attention to the joy in

Stock up on food this day

water in the tank

Put some coal at the door to town house

in order to have a prosperous year

as time goes by

some customs have disappeared

But the story of filling the warehouse has been circulating

Data map: Aerial photography of rice fields.

Photo by Gong Pukang

Remind people to clear their warehouses

Refurbish farm tools and prepare for spring ploughing

From a life perspective

Filling in the warehouse is also warning people

Living at home is not easy

The virtue of diligence and thrift must be strictly observed

this festival

means a spiritual sustenance

In the past people thought

After the "Filling Warehouse" Festival, the New Year's Day

Everything should be on track

Start a year of hard work

beautiful life

need struggle to get

spring has come

cheer up

Welcome to the autumn harvest!

Author: Shangguan Yun