On February 25th, the 40-day Spring Festival 2022 will end. On the North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station, passengers carrying large and small bags came to take the train.

The Ministry of Transport disclosed that in 2022, the country is expected to send 1.05 billion passengers during the Spring Festival, with an average of 26.25 million passengers per day, an increase of 20.7% from 2021, a decrease of 29.1% from 2020, and a decrease of 64.8% from 2019.

Among them, it is estimated that 250 million, 750 million, 16.3 million and 39.2 million passengers will be sent by railway, highway, waterway and civil aviation respectively.

The picture shows passengers carrying luggage to take the train.

Photo by Chen Chao

Release time: 2022-02-25 14:22:56 【Editor: Yang Yanyu】