In the sixth wave of the spread of the Omicron strain of the new coronavirus, it was said that most of the elderly people became severely ill, but at the hospitals in Tokyo that have treated severely ill patients, they are in their 40s and 50s. Doctors are urging them to take additional vaccinations and take thorough infection control measures, saying that some people in their teens have suddenly worsened their respiratory condition and become more severe.

At the National Center for Global Health and Medicine, which plays a central role in the treatment of critically ill patients with the new corona, about 40 to 50 people have been hospitalized since the beginning of this month, and about 5 of them are seriously ill. It means that it has been increasing in the last two weeks.

Since January, the spread of Omicron strains has led to many people in their 70s and older being infected, which has exacerbated their chronic illness and made them more severe. Elderly people are not the only ones who have become severely ill due to pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus itself.

Dr. Shinichiro Morioka of the center said, "People in their 50s and 40s who have an underlying illness or who have never been vaccinated are sometimes seen to have a sudden deterioration in their breathing condition due to corona pneumonia. I feel that it is very scary as a site. The number of newly infected people in Tokyo has peaked out, but the severity of patients is increasing, and I think that the peak will come in the future. It is important for each person to think of the Omicron strain as their own, first to give the vaccine twice, and to give the third booster, and to be careful about infection control. " I'm talking.