Monthly salary of 4,000 borrowed money for financial management, hasty investment and digging a big hole in life

   Judge reminds young investors to consider whether the project is legal in the face of high-return financial products

  "100% capital preservation, the annual interest rate is at least 3 times higher than that of ordinary banks..." Faced with this temptation, some young people do not hesitate to "finance wealth" at the cost of overdrafting their credit cards, and they end up with debts for this.


  Borrowing money for high interest rates, "financial management", owed foreign debts and 3 jobs

  Wang Xin, who lives in Hunan, is 31 years old this year. Since he went to college, he has stopped asking his family for tuition and living expenses.

The "self-sufficiency" in his student days made him make up his mind - to earn money to buy a house and a car.

  Seven years ago, he just entered the workplace after graduating from college. His monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan was not high in his circle, and it could not meet his needs, so he started to get involved in financial management.

  "After graduating, I met a few friends who are doing financial management. They have a group, and the group members will regularly publish the financial information they have obtained and the investigation report they have made." Wang Xin recalled that in 2016, there were always people in the group. A hot topic - "guaranteing capital and earning interest".

It was in this group that he learned about an investment platform that displayed information on various companies that needed to borrow money for turnover. Financial managers could borrow money from the platform and designated payment software. Depending on the amount of the loan, they would also receive corresponding interest.

  At that time, Wang Xin did not understand that the platform of this model was the P2P online lending platform that later caused heavy losses to many investors.

In 2020, in order to combat financial chaos, the central bank has cleared all P2P online lending platforms.

Wang Xin said that the general annual interest rate at that time was about 9%, which was more than three times higher than that of ordinary banks.

Wang Xin said that at the time, he was worried that he would be fooled, and only bought short-term projects for 3 months.

At the end of April 2016, the interest and principal of the projects invested by Wang Xin came into the account one after another. He began to believe in this platform, and found a message about "BMW car mortgage loan, 100,000 yuan", the annual interest rate is as high as 15 %.

So soon after he graduated, he decided to take the risk and found relatives and friends to borrow more than 100,000 yuan without telling his parents, and promised to pay back the interest higher than the bank in 3 months.

After purchasing a 3-month "BMW car mortgage loan" with an annual interest rate of 15%, he was tempted by the show-off of various profits from his friends, so he borrowed from the bank card and purchased the annual interest rate on the platform one after another. 10,000 yuan each for 9% of the "Mr. Deng Fur Company On-site Inspection Loan" and "Mr. Wang Furniture Company On-site Inspection Loan".

  It is stipulated in the "Wealth Management Contract" that the interest will be transferred to Wang Xin's account every month. After 3 months, the principal and interest will be repaid together. If there is any overdue, a penalty of 10% of the monthly interest will be paid .

Thinking that his annual investment income is nearly 4 months of his salary, he also began to prepare for the next investment plan after the profit.

  But what Wang Xin didn't expect was that, in the first month of interest collection, two days have passed since the agreed time, but the platform has not made the payment.

The platform said that there was difficulty in business turnover, and negotiated whether to pay 10% of the liquidated damages first.

  "I have no other way than to promise. After all, the money has been handed over to them, so I have to take back part of it first." In this way, the platform sometimes pays Wang Xin an annual penalty of several thousand yuan, but this It's not that the biggest headache for him, what really makes him feel powerless is the foreign debt he owes for his investment.

  Wang Xin was unable to invest at that time. He began to work multiple jobs during the day, working during the day and part-time at night. He was often busy until 1:00 a.m. before returning home.

Sometimes friends rush money urgently, and he even works 3 jobs a day.

  "The whole thing has dragged on for 7 years." Wang Xin said that he has sued the platform and several borrowers, seeking a total of nearly 200,000 yuan for the return of the principal and compensation for arrears of interest.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found through the enterprise search platform that the platform website that Wang Xin invested in has now been shut down, and his company has been included in the list of abnormal business operations twice. There are disputes.

He has become the person subject to execution 4 times, of which 3 cases involve loan disputes, one case in the execution stage has a target amount of 379,700 yuan, and another piece of information has been included in the list of dishonest persons subject to execution.

  Ms. Zuo, who used to work in the company, told the Beiqing Daily reporter that she joined the company at the beginning of its establishment in 2014, and she also invested nearly 200,000 yuan in principal, but then found that the company's operating model was risky, so she resigned and resigned. She intends to withdraw from the investment, but the staff in charge of the business has been delaying it on the grounds that it is difficult to turn around. So far, she has only asked for part of the principal and interest.


  Be vigilant in the face of temptation to avoid "active deception and passive loss"

  Judge Xu Quanying of Changxindian Court of Fengtai District Court in Beijing told the Beiqing Daily reporter that in recent years, there have been many cases where consumers have been deceived by taking the initiative to pay money due to temporary credulity, and passively causing losses.

It can be seen from the cases accepted in the past that contemporary young people have a certain risk tolerance for financial management, and can even accept loans for financial management and stock speculation.

Although it is said that high risk and high return are equal, there will be no pie in the sky. In the face of high-return financial management projects, you must remain calm and consider whether the project is legal first, and do not blindly follow the trend.

Secondly, pay attention to the flow of funds. Taking the above case as an example, Wang Xin has no intersection with the so-called borrowers on the platform, and he cannot guarantee the authenticity of the other company's understanding and risk assessment.

In addition, it is difficult to verify whether the actual borrower is these companies marked on the Internet. It is still necessary to participate in such "financial management" projects with caution.

  I would like to remind consumers that in the face of high rates of return and other temptations, they must be vigilant, raise awareness of prevention, and cover their personal wallets.

  Financial Tips

  Choose a financial management method that matches your risk ability

  Understand your own financial situation and risk tolerance, improve risk awareness.

As an investor, it is necessary to know that high returns must be accompanied by high risks, to understand the basic knowledge of investment and financial management, to improve the awareness of risk prevention, and to try to choose a financial management method that matches your risk ability. , once the investment fails, it may cause unbearable losses.

  In-depth understanding of financial projects and company conditions, and rational decision-making.

As an investor, you should choose a legal and formal financial management channel. Before making a decision, you should carefully examine the qualifications and product information of the financial management company, and have a detailed understanding of the operation mode of the financial management product, the authenticity of the project, the flow and use of funds, the payment method of income, Performance period, investment risks and guarantees, etc.

Be vigilant about new financing methods.

  Improve legal awareness, understand in detail, and sign financial contracts with caution.

Key issues such as the sharing of financial gains and losses should be fixed in the form of written contracts, and oral commitments should not be trusted.

For the main terms of the contract or the terms that are not conducive to itself, the right to ask the other party to make explanations or adjustments.

  Text / reporter Wang Haoxiong

  Coordinator/Zhang Bin