Jeddah has hundreds of thousands of followers on the #TikTok platform

The Jordanian grandmother, Alia Al-Rishq, 81, has achieved great fame on the video-sharing platform (Tik Tok), which she has used extensively to spread her opinions that are not devoid of the wisdom of the years and useful information, especially for young men and girls.

And the number of her followers on the platform has increased to hundreds of thousands now.

In accordance with the saying “may God be harmful and beneficial,” Grandma Aleya’s first acquaintance with the Tik Tok platform was during the closure period to prevent the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in the Kingdom of Jordan, where her granddaughter convinced her to use the platform to get rid of the boredom she suffers from because of not being allowed to leave the house.

Alia Al-Rishq told Reuters TV, "I got acquainted with Tik Tok, the Corona came to us and we are sitting at home, and I am a very active type, I love to go and come, you know many duties for me and I am bored. I have my granddaughter Tita told me I saw you upset. What do you think about playing on Tik Tok, you have valuable information? I also told her, this is empty talk, this is for young girls. She said, “O Tita, Tita. The important thing is that you convinced me and put a page on Tik Tok, and on her daily I was surrounded by food, I put it down. If you were honored, what did you like?”

And she added, "I have valuable information, why can't I tell these girls and the young men in it, a lot of nice information, so I found encouragement from them and a lot of happiness, then the most happy thing that came to them live, I became a problem solver, and God Almighty."

Since that time, Grandma's followers have grown to more than 222 thousand. She gives them advice and exchanges advice with them, and they share together topics ranging from cooking, gardening, relationships and more.

With regard to whether she faces some problems in preparing the topics that she presents to her followers, Grandma Alia said, “It is a good topic with his books, with his study, because most of it is unseen. Write the healing word with me. May the name of God be upon me with two days of memorization, one day memorization, and the length of her foot.”

Although she is a mother of seven sons and a grandmother of 34 grandchildren and a grandmother of fathers and mothers of 4 grandchildren, the highly slender influencer considers all her followers to be her grandchildren and says, "All of them told me Tita, then I am very, very lucky that I have grandchildren around the world."

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