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How to make children aware of the preservation of animal species?

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Rhinos, an endangered species Getty Images/Juergen Ritterbach

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Amelie Beaucour

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The polar bear, the red panda, the blue whale or the orangutan, so many animals well known to children and adults and which are in danger of disappearing.


But apart from these "star" mammals, there are many endangered species, fundamental for the balance of nature, such as bees threatened by neonicotinoids.

In nearly fifty years, 68% of wild vertebrate animals have disappeared according to the latest "Living Planet" report from the World Wide Fund for Nature.

If children are the adults of tomorrow, how can they be made aware of the protection of animal species?

How do you talk to children about what some call the sixth mass extinction without scaring them?

As more and more people live in cities, how can we reconnect with nature?

With :

Rachel Louiset

coordinator of the education network of 

France nature Environnement 

Laurence Gourdel

, vice-president and volunteer of the



which raises awareness of nature and children in particular, animator of nature clubs 

Christian Noirard ,


Protected Areas and Biodiversity Coordinator

for West and Central Africa Regions 

And a report in the Community Natural Park of the Sitatunga Valley, in the south of Benin, where more than 210 species of birds live.

Our reporter,

Raphaëlle Constant

, followed a training course in ornithology organized by the


, to make young people aware of the study of birds and respect for the biodiversity of this protected area.

The report of Raphaelle Constant in an ornithology training workshop in Benin

training in ornithology organized by the NGO CREDI, to make young people aware of the study of birds and respect for biodiversity in the Sitatunga valley in Benin.

© Raphaëlle Constant

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