The rapid saliva tests for screening for Covid-19 show “insufficient” performance, estimated Monday the High Authority for Health (HAS), which remains unfavorable to the reimbursement of these devices by Social Security.

These tests are self-tests, carried out at home by the buyer.

They are therefore to be distinguished from saliva tests whose results are analyzed in the laboratory.

The health authority had already decided, in April 2021, against the reimbursement of saliva self-tests "for lack of sufficient diagnostic performance", she recalls in a press release.

Since the presence of the highly contagious Omicron variant, the Ministry of Health wanted a new assessment of the place of these self-tests in the repeated screening strategy, particularly in schools, among other things because of "the potential positive impact that could have saliva sampling on acceptability,” adds the HAS.

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The HAS publishes three new opinions concerning:

- the place of the Janssen vaccine

- the use of rapid antigenic tests on saliva samples

- Post-MA early access authorization for Ronapreve® as a curative treatment

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– High Authority for Health (@HAS_sante) February 21, 2022

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Postponement of vaccination with Janssen

After analysis, the health authority concluded that "the performance data for antigenic tests on saliva samples remain insufficient" and that "the first data available did not show better performance of these tests in the presence of the Omicron variant than 'in the presence of the Delta variant,' according to the release.

And a group of experts, requested by the HAS, concluded that there was "a lack of data" on the use of salivary antigen tests in home self-testing.

In another opinion, the High Authority for Health recommends postponing vaccination with Janssen (except for people at risk of a severe form who have a contraindication for an mRNA vaccine), pending the conclusions of the European Agency of the drug (EMA) on cardiovascular risks.

In addition, the HAS has again issued an authorization for early access to the anti-Covid treatment with Ronapreve synthetic antibody from Roche, but has limited its use to immunocompromised patients, at very high risk of severe form of Covid-19, who cannot be prescribed other recommended treatments.


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