He will resort to the prosecution.. Hama Beka accuses members of the Musicians Syndicate of taking bribes

Festival singer Hamu Beka issued a press statement, after a phone call was leaked to an unknown person, about receiving a bribe from more than one festival singer, in order to register their registration with musicians, noting that he is being abused and exploited by a member of the syndicate.

The statement, which was published by a number of local newspapers, stated: In the context of recent events reported by the media and social networking pages, regarding what was mentioned in one of the television programs by the artist Hamo Beka, and the abuse and exploitation he is subjected to by a member of the Musicians Syndicate, and the controversy that arose In this regard, which prompted the artist, Helmy Abdel-Baqi, as a member of the Musicians’ Syndicate, to submit a complaint to the Attorney General against Hamo Beka, the artist Hamou Beka first confirms his full respect for the entity of the Syndicate of Musical Professions and its captain, artist Hani Shaker.

Beka continued in his statement: Everything that was said about the exploitation and abuse of a member of the Syndicate Council by the artist Hama Beka, and some artists without others, is a proven and confirmed fact with paper documents, videos and witnesses, and that not mentioning the names was a form of full respect for the entity of the Musicians Syndicate, which we were waiting for them to stand On the content of the truth of what was stated to conduct the internal investigation of the union regarding it, especially since the person meant by this had been previously accused in such matters and many cases were released about them and that he is not above the level of suspicion.

Beca continued: And since things took place without any movement from the union and resorting to the judiciary, we are confirmation of the confirmed truth. Tomorrow, God willing, we will present to the Public Prosecution a report containing what was mentioned in the television meeting, revealing the names and facts in detail.

The statement added: We will confirm with all the evidence we have to investigate it in order to reach the truth, which we were waiting for from the Musicians Syndicate, given that the artist Hamo Beka is a new symbol of the art of festivals, whose songs are danced by millions in Egypt, the Arab world and even the world, which formed a new artistic phenomenon. It was imposed by the new reality of the whole world, which was perpetrated by many artists and actors, which made the artist Hamo Beka unique in this type of art throughout the Arab world and the world.

Hama Beca concluded his statement: We confirm that there is no offense in the aforementioned communication tomorrow to the Musicians Syndicate, and we affirm our full respect for its captain and all respected musical icons, and their artistic history, for which we have the utmost respect, and God Almighty helps and conciliator.

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