Zhongxin Finance, February 22 (Reporter Xie Yiguan) Affected by changes in the external environment, Asian and European stock markets fell collectively on the 22nd, international oil prices rose, and safe-haven assets such as gold were welcomed.

The three major A-share stock indexes collectively weakened

  Under the influence of the external situation, on the 22nd, the three major A-share stock indexes weakened throughout the day, and the ChiNext index fell by more than 2% during the session.

  As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.96% to 3457.15 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.29% to 13297.11 points; the ChiNext Index fell 1.38% to 2765.91 points.

Shanghai index daily K chart.

  The market performance was sluggish. On the 22nd, the trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 978.3 billion yuan; the net sales of northbound funds were 7.34 billion yuan throughout the day, of which the net sales of Shanghai Stock Connect was 4.242 billion yuan, and the net sales of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 3.098 billion yuan. Yuan.

  From the perspective of the disk, only 949 stocks in the two cities rose, 63 stocks rose by the limit; 3769 stocks fell, and 10 stocks fell by the limit.

On the disk, sectors such as hotel and catering, Internet, winemaking, media and entertainment were among the top decliners, while sectors such as petroleum, nonferrous metals, and gas and heating bucked the trend and closed up.

Global stock markets have fallen

  Not only the A-share market, but also Hong Kong stocks, the three major Hong Kong stock indexes also fell collectively on the 22nd.

As of the close, the Hang Seng Index and the China Enterprises Index both fell by more than 2%.

  Stock markets in Japan and South Korea also underperformed.

On the 22nd, the Nikkei closed down 1.71% at 26449.61 points; the Korea Composite Index closed down 1.35% at 2706.79 points.

  On the 22nd, the Russian stock index continued to fall. The Russian RTS index fell by more than 6% at the opening, and the intraday decline once fell by more than 10%.

The index's losses narrowed after the central bank of Russia said it was ready to support financial markets.

The daily K performance of the Russian RTS index.

  In other European stock markets, Germany's DAX30 index fell more than 2% at the open, France's CAC40 index fell 2% at the open, and the UK's FTSE index fell more than 1% at the open.

  On the 21st local time, US stocks also weakened. The Dow closed down 0.68% to 34079.18 points; the Nasdaq fell 1.23% to 13548.07 points; the S&P 500 fell 0.72% to 4348.87 points.

International oil and gold prices rise

  Affected by geopolitical factors, on February 22, international oil prices rose significantly.

As of 16:30, New York crude oil futures rose more than 4%, and Brent crude oil futures rose more than 3%.

performance of international oil prices.

  In terms of safe-haven assets, the international gold price reached a new high. As of 15:30 on the 22nd, London gold now stood at the $1,910 mark at $1,911.78 per ounce, and London silver rose 0.83% to $24.185 per ounce.

  In addition, on the 22nd, the US dollar rose above the 80 mark against the Russian ruble USD/RUB for the first time since January 26.

Under external influence, how will A-shares trend?

  Huaxin Securities analyst Yan Kaiwen believes that fluctuations in the external market may disrupt the A-share market, but even if it falls, it is only a second dip in the market.

Overall, we should be optimistic about the current A-share market.

  "In the short term, the market has a certain chance of rebounding. First of all, the social financing data in January hit a new record in a single month to verify that the steady growth policy has achieved initial results, which will boost market confidence to a certain extent." Cai Fangyuan, an analyst at China Galaxy Securities, said at the same time. Since the end of 2021, sectors such as high-end manufacturing and technology have fallen significantly, there is a certain room for rebound, and there is upward momentum at the transaction level.

  According to Ma Wenyu, an analyst at Shanxi Securities, at the current time, the market may be out of the "fog" to establish a new direction, and the continuation of the "steady growth" policy may gradually be realized in different industries. It is recommended to continue to pay attention to the margins of data and policies. Changes, the layout of the "steady growth" industrial chain.