Even if the end of winter is sad, the bitter cold is not going away easily.

The temperature in Seoul dropped to minus 7.4 degrees in the morning of today (22nd), and the cold below freezing will continue throughout the day, and tomorrow morning it will drop further to minus 10 degrees.

After all, the temperature will show an upward trend from then on, and it will be mild again from Friday.

The atmosphere is in full swing.

Now, following the central and Yeongnam regions, the dry weather advisory has been extended to the Honam region as well.

A small spark can lead to a major fire, so it's a good idea to look around carefully.

Currently, the skies across the country are mostly clear, but in the future, snow clouds will form in the West Sea and flow in.

Therefore, 1-3 cm of snow will fall in the west coast south of Chungcheong until dawn tomorrow, and there may be scattered snow in other parts of the inland.

Today's high temperature will be 0 degrees in Seoul and 2 degrees in Daejeon, lower than yesterday.

The snow in the west coast region will all stop by early morning tomorrow, and then it will gradually become milder with clear skies.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)