On February 21, Zhong Nanshan, a recipient of the Medal of the Republic, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a well-known respiratory expert, recorded a video to cheer on Hong Kong citizens.

In response to the epidemic in Hong Kong, Zhong Nanshan emphasized, "We will not tolerate natural infection leading to a large number of elderly deaths, so our policy is still to strive for dynamic clearing." Zhong Nanshan introduced the characteristics of Omicron in detail, and gave three epidemic prevention The suggestion emphasizes that everyone should strengthen unity and cooperation, and with the support of the central government to overcome difficulties together, Hong Kong will surely win the fifth round of anti-epidemic in Hong Kong.

  The highest human right is human life

  Zhong Nanshan first recounted his experience in fighting SARS with medical experts from the SAR government in Hong Kong many times 18 years ago.

He said that no matter what different political views you have, in the fight against the virus, the highest human right is human life and healthy life.

  Zhong Nanshan pointed out that since the outbreak of the new virus strain Omicron in Hong Kong on January 5, due to the rapid spread of the mutant virus, it is roughly calculated that nearly 60,000 people have been sickened and at least 75 people have died. caused a huge impact.

He said that compared with other virus strains, Omicron has mild symptoms, mainly in the nasopharynx and large airways. The incidence of pneumonia is relatively low, and the mortality rate is low, which is close to seasonal influenza, so the public does not need to too worried.

However, it is far more harmful than influenza. First, it is highly contagious. Influenza spreads 1 to 2 per 1, and Omicron spreads 6 to 7 per 1, so its transmissibility is much higher than that of influenza.

Second, despite the low case fatality rate, according to the statistics published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in early February, the mortality rate of 60 to 69 years old was 2.65%, the mortality rate of 70 to 79 years old was 9.87%, and the mortality rate of people over 80 was 2.65%. 21.0%, and the crude death rate in Hong Kong is now 0.15%. If a large number of people over the age of 60 are infected, the death rate will increase significantly.

  He recalled that since the beginning of 2020, the anti-epidemic actions and measures led by the Hong Kong SAR government have been very effective, and the morbidity and mortality rates have been at a low level in the world, effectively ensuring the stability of Hong Kong society.

He also said that unlike some western countries, the guiding ideology of the mainland and Hong Kong's treatment of COVID-19 is "life first, health first", "We will not tolerate natural infection leading to a large number of elderly deaths, so our policy is still to strive for Dynamic Clear".

  Elderly in Hong Kong must receive third vaccination

  Zhong Nanshan gave three suggestions for epidemic prevention.

  1. Prevention of transmission is the key.

First, do a good job of personal protection, reduce social contact, and prevent yourself from being infected; second, if it is a close contact, it is necessary to regularly increase rapid inspection (ie antigen test), if it is found to be positive, immediately contact the medical department; third The most important thing at present is to separate patients from healthy people. Those who have been diagnosed should not stay at home and must be isolated separately. It is currently difficult in Hong Kong, but according to his understanding, the central government and the SAR government are speeding up the construction of Penny's Bay and Kai Tak Pier. The establishment of makeshift hospitals in other places, if necessary, even gymnasiums and convention and exhibition centers need to be considered. Being able to cut off this link is extremely critical for Hong Kong to control the epidemic as soon as possible; fourth, critically ill patients are hospitalized in a timely manner. Of course, the best way is to concentrate on a certain The hospital is convenient for management and treatment.

  Second, strengthen the vaccination.

Zhong Nanshan said that the current vaccination rate of elderly people over 60 years old in Hong Kong is not ideal.

As far as he knows, 85% of Hong Kong citizens are vaccinated for at least one shot, 83% are 60 to 69 years old, 71% are 70 to 79 years old, and 42% are over 80 years old.

The vaccination rate for two shots was 72% for those aged 60 to 69; 56% for those aged 70 to 79; and 28% for those over 80.

He said that according to estimates by the UK Health and Safety Agency, the fatality rate of two doses of the vaccine will be reduced by more than half in all age groups, and if the third dose is given, the mortality rate will be further reduced.

Zhong Nanshan said that in terms of vaccination, the elderly in Hong Kong must receive the third vaccination, which can significantly reduce the fatality rate.

  3. Reserve drug treatment.

For example, Paxlovid in the United States, BRII 196-198 antibody in mainland China, and some Chinese patent medicines proven to be effective by evidence-based medicine are effective in relieving symptoms, shortening the course of treatment, and reducing the incidence of severe symptoms.

Zhong Nanshan has contacted relevant enterprises and manufacturers, hoping that they will give greater support to Hong Kong, and he has received positive and affirmative responses from the enterprises, saying that they will do their best to support Hong Kong's anti-epidemic needs.

  Zhong Nanshan called for strengthening unity and cooperation.

He said: "Under the current severe situation, we must strengthen solidarity and cooperation. All government departments, the business community, public and private hospitals, and the general public must unite and cooperate in the fight against the new crown. I fully believe that the central government, the mainland's Support, including nucleic acid testing, rapid antigen detection reagents, collaborative establishment of makeshift hospitals, medical staff support, etc. The most important thing is the efforts of the SAR government. This time, we will definitely overcome the difficulties together and win the fifth round of anti-epidemic! "

  (CCTV reporter Chen Xuting)