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virtual life


Alaa Jarrad


February 22 2022

The global pandemic has shown how much our lives have shifted from physical to virtual. With schools, universities, cinemas, and theaters closed due to the epidemic, virtual life was the only way to access education, films, music and plays.

With bookstores and publishers forced to close, sales of e-books have skyrocketed.

Family and public events have become virtual, as the engagement and the Fatiha is read on the Zoom platform, and the social media pages have become the place of sympathy and the duty of condolences and compliments, and people are satisfied with that, so you hear the phrase “congratulated him on Facebook.”

In economic terms, contactless payment has spread without cash, as it is more convenient than banknotes and coins, and less likely to spread microbes.

Electronic sales expanded in an unprecedented way, but international stores, such as “Debenhams”, were doomed to failure and bankruptcy, because they did not exist “online” enough, and they continued to operate in the traditional way, and the world was amazed when one of the digital art paintings designed with the new NTF encryption system was sold. At Christie's auction for nearly $70 million, the value was paid in cryptocurrency.

It seems that the world will sink into the virtual more and more, perhaps my generation and the previous generation are the ones who understand the difference between the real tangible life and the virtual life, but the new generations did not live the traditional tangible life enough, so they do not realize the real difference, and now the world of “Metaverse” came amid Speculations that many people will migrate to virtual worlds, and spend more time in virtual life!

Something strange, confusing and sad as well. Everything that happens now, and what will happen in the future, is completely contrary to the nature of humans, so will humans be happy with all this technology?

Will the virtual world bring us happiness?

What will life be like after 20 years and I say 20 and not 50?

How will family relationships and social life be?

Are we really ready for it and do we want it?

Is there anything we can do to make the mind work?

Do the world's governments realize what we are up to?

Will we lose our humanity forever?

Will there still be religious scruples among humans after all this dissolution and dissolution and distance from the Almighty God?

I don't want to see life with black glasses, but it's anxiety and fear, and even fear of what's to come.

They are questions and thoughts that crossed my mind, after I finished the lecture, perhaps the two hundred tenth, which was carried out by “online”, but this lecture was not hypothetical because of “Covid-19”, but because of the storm “Eunice”, which struck England, and obligated everyone to their homes, I had arrived at my office at the university early, before the "meteorology" issued the red alert not to move or travel, and therefore I stayed in the office, and I delivered the lecture through the "Zoom" platform.

It becomes difficult to plan in advance for a week, maybe even just a day.

Perhaps the only thing that I feel necessary for all of us to do is to be kind to each other, and to know that life is short, we must try to be happy with it, and make others happy as much as we can, and we must not lose our faith no matter the circumstances, pressures and temptations.

• It seems that the world will become more and more virtual.



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